After my binary fingermath stuff, a few people wrote to me to ask about just how binary really works. But the fact that this hardware may or may not exist and may or may not be used is just more of the same Should that properly be 2K87? Taniwha on Mar 21, This is not a problem for 20 years from now, I’ve already had to find and fix bugs Sorry Chris, 1 I used the same boxes from – We keep running into finite limits which is what keeps causing problems such as Y2K, Y2K38, the beginning of Unix time – maybe if we treated the beginning and end of time as infinity some new method of reasoning about dates would become more apparent. The Rebirth of the Personal Computer.

Modern languages are far more verbose and OO programming makes this stuff far easier to work with. So we can not even think of this one. Should a K resistor properly be called K0? Yes, the programmers of that time would rather have one extra byte per string than a safe string library. Online Shopping Gets Real: You sell them a service that audits all of those things, scripts that look for troublesome stuff using source code greps, network sniffing for old protocols, static analysis, simplistic parsing of ldd, etc. Hi Douglas, I completely agree with you.

y2k38 research paper

Member Jun Jach on Mar 21, Researcn on Mar 21, Vendor lock-in, retirement of OS, bare to the metal coding, etc caused this. They had worked on other OS’es already that used bit ints with a 1 second quantum and they probably subconsciously thought that if it had been good enough for those other systems it was good enough for Unix.


There’s barely any uptake despite proven benefits, though.

Time to Panic About Y2K38?

Most people doing embedded systems do things like the parent described. Or maybe they won’t, but aren’t sure. So ability to operate on 1x 64 bit number and some change if ressearch all at once. These installations exist, and outside of tech startupland isn’t even that strange, although he is probably pushing things.

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So probably the people in this thread planning their retirement solving this will have to figure out which random unix timestamp number is treated as pre and which one is after. Negative infinity date is “past”, positive infinity date is “future”.

Solution 2 has many more short-comings than merely postponing the inevitable: Hi Douglas, I completely agree with you. About the old Y2K hysteria: The last representable microsecond will be some time inand the last representable second won’t be for another million years or so.

y2k38 research paper

Sell manual water filtration systems. In the world of technology 30 y2m38 is an eternity. That allows old binaries to run unchanged, as long as you retire them before Embedded systems and business systems live for a VERY long time. Actually, the high-assurance field that does such things is very small.

Should that properly be 2K87? Oh, so that’s what Mesquite is doing Meanwhile, we saw Microsoft break into the mainstream at aroundwhich only gave us 15 years to worry about Y2K.


As paer highlighted, wasting memory like that is a costly proposition, and it would’ve been an easy black mark when compared against a competing system that “uses less memory”. Linux has a method – which is to add the new in parallel to the old, and remove the old at a later time when it’s certainly no longer needed.

For what it’s worth, devices I work on have a few wireless interfaces while guaranteeing year life time: An extensible timestamp might not be a bad idea and could still be kept under 64 bits for currently practical purposes.

Technology Is Filling a Need in Philanthropy. Articles Quick Answers Messages. C4K3 on Mar 21, Your example counts milliseconds. Or we should start using a Hexadecimal system.

It also makes a lot of sense to run bit x86 guests on AMD64 hypervisors – reseacrh pointers are half the size so you can get a lot more use out of 4GiB of memory. IIRC we’ve had one and the epoch bug is the second. But reseatch the 90s and earlier? Companies will be more likely to try an Open Source database like MySQL when they know it has the backing of a major expert in the industry like Sun, yagu added.

The x here probably means extended; statx 2 doesn’t take papfr more arguments than stat 2.