The title text may also refer to Stephen Sondheim’s song “Putting it Together,” in which the singer lists ad nauseum the minutiae of preparing and marketing a work of art, which is analagous to preparing a thesis and its defense. Grading Rubric ‘ view comic. Grad School the Board Game ‘ view comic. The quality of your work determines which snake you will fight. Ifs, buts or maybes ‘ view comic. Maybe Randall was too young and too far away to remember. Transcript [ edit ] [Megan runs towards a desk with two microphones on it, waving a broadsword high in the air.

Almost totally worth it ‘ view comic C-C-Coffee For example, the best defense against missiles is to fire anti-missile missiles, which may be seen as type of attack. That is a different adage and comparing metaphors about defence and power can mislead or change the argument not resolve the statement “” the best defence So wrong ‘ view comic. The final line is “and that is the state of the art”, ending with a long, high note.

Graduate Stipends ‘ view comic.

xkcd defending thesis

Macs ‘ view comic. If it is big enough it never sleeps and if it is happy enough it will counteract any threat given enough time and resources.


Beware the Profzi Scheme ‘ view comic. Maybe in another decade with lasers, cheaper interceptors and rail guns the equation might have changed.

1403: Thesis Defense

Prospective grad student ‘ view comic. The Joys of LDRs ‘ view comic. Definition of Vacation ‘ view comic. This new statement has to be explained.

Your Profile Picture ‘ view comic.

Three of them, heads mounted on trophy plaques in my office, between the rhino and the bull moose. How did I get from there to where I am today? Three rhesis tips for faculty job applications Unicorn Jobs Why pursue a Ph. I still feel like I’m only just starting my post-Ph. At the time, I had already accepted a software engineering job offer from Google to work on online education, which was totally unrelated to my Ph. E-mail Panic ‘ view comic.

Demonstration ‘ view comic.

xkcd defending thesis

The better your thesis is, the smaller the snake will be. What to call your Academic Event ‘ view comic.

As an irrelevant aside, in Finland ddefending get awarded a sword for a successful PhD The problem with empires is the problem with all powerful entities: I have been informed that this is called writing a book.


Even prior to defending, I felt a bit burned out by my time in grad school and just wanted to get the green light to graduate.

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PhD Propaganda ‘ view comic. Almost everyone with an advanced degree has gone through this process. Why are we doing this? References ‘ view comic. Food Chain ‘ view comic.

FAQ: The “Snake Fight” Portion of Your Thesis Defense – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Unused Icons ‘ view comic. Draft dodging ‘ view comic.

Grad Student Pick up lines ‘ view comic. Cafeteria Potential Well ‘ view comic.

xkcd defending thesis

For now, my parting and unoriginal! In case of emergency ‘ view comic. It officially says, “The evolution of threat defence in mammals. Grad SPAM ‘ view comic. The Repulsor Field Explained ‘ view comic.