In the table below, list in column 1 the most important operational transactional activities i. In this section, we will assess the above refer back to Table 2 features one by one. Similarly, the new ventures team examined developments in telecommunication, information technology, fashion, vacation patterns, culture, and social networking to identify opportunities for WNZ. At a movie theater a 3. From Figure 9 , we can observe that the precision of the question popularity prediction sharply increases with the growing of training instances when the number of training instances is smaller than

It verifies the assumption that the questions submitted by higher level users are more popular than those submitted by lower level users. Get Quality Help Your matched tutor provides personalized help according to your question details. To see the green line with error bars, we can observe that the average question popularity increases consistently with the growing number of answers. For example, there are 1, questions which have the same question length This could increase sales because users are already looking at the site online anyway. Second, series of studies focus on predicting popularity of news [11] , events [12] , views [13] , social images [14] , [15] , marketing messages [16] , landmarks [17] , [18] and question quality [10] etc.

Question content quality Inspired by previous work on content quality estimation [2][23]we utilize question length to measure the question content quality. Therefore, we design andwers explore the relation between question popularity and the number of answers.

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Table 2 gives the summary of the feature set used for question popularity prediction. They then used the proposed model to predict the speed, scale and range of diffusion information in Twitter. And the sum of the popularity for the 1, questions equals to 17, Therefore, we can eliminate the popularity bias on question quantity.


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Question Popularity Analysis and Prediction in Community Question Answering Services

Figure 5 shows the trend of the average question popularity increases with the medis of the question submission time. It reveals that popular questions can attract more answer attempts by users. Number of answers As Table 1 shows, the more popular questions may obtain more answers.

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Oxford University Tutors. Each of them contains comparative quantity of questions — This secure protocol would also make customers feel more secure that their information is being protected when purchasing WNZ products or giving their personal information.

Hence, it is wrongly classified as a unpopular question, while its popularity equals to 0. To capture the differences of question popularity distribution among different categories, we first select 23 categories from our collected data. anxwers

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Our proposed method which combines all of the content related features, the social behavior features and the user profile features. Then, as you tackle each question, make sure you read the whole question and answer it fully and specifically. As the CEO Michaelson observed in a recent interview: Finally, we obtain a total of 19, popular questions and 29, unpopular questions respectively.

For the question popularity prediction task, we randomly select 50, questions from our collected data set. It also verifies that the popular questions can attract user attention more quickly.

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The final results come from the average results of all the 10 folds. The value of asker level can be calculated by the times of user interactive behaviors when using CQA services, such as asking new questions, answering other questions, voting for best answers and giving comments for other answers, etc.


PC popular questions class or NPC non-popular questions class.

We collected a total number ofquestions from the Yahoo! To further analyze the influence of our proposed features on the performance of the question popularity prediction task. We then set the threshold. With this partnership comes challenges and responsibilities for all parties.

wnz media case study answers

Emory University Tutors. Without the ability to get news for free with the only incentive for paying being avoiding advertisements and some additional stories, costumers may be more likely to purchase subscriptions. The previous 6 systems are setting as the baseline systems.

Next, we will introduce the features used for the question popularity prediction task. Despite the success of the previous efforts, literatures regarding the multiple dimensions of the social media for the content popularity prediction are still sparse. Misclassification Case Analysis In a posterior analysis, we find that there are mainly two kinds of casf cases.

wnz media case study answers

In the prediction models, only the content features and the user profiles are used to predict the question popularity.