Abstract of research proposal Provide a general description of your proposal in plain English. Application deadlines are May 1 and November 1. Final decisions are made six months later. Skip to main content. To identify relationships between perceived TJ effectiveness and current rights issues acts as my fourth research objective.

Dissertation Fieldwork applications that were unsuccessful in a prior funding cycle may be resubmitted only if they are accompanied by a resubmission statement, explaining how the application is different from the prior application and how the referees’ comments have been addressed. Other academic advisors can be mentioned in question 4 of the project description questions. There are two deadlines for the Dissertation Fieldwork grant — November and May 1st. Application deadlines are May 1 and November 1. Read more about What are the success rates for Dissertation Fieldwork grants? If the application is successful, the Foundation will request confirmation that this requirement has been met. Can someone else sign my forms in their place?

Expected possible findings are that perceived TJ effectiveness may correlate specifically with perspectives on the Indian Act, the Indian Reservation System, restricted access to cultural expression via Child Welfare violationstoxic contamination of Native fisheries and land, and land appropriation.

wenner gren foundation dissertation fieldwork grant

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Knowing this, many Indigenous participants cannot support the transitional justice efforts. Final Reports required from Dissertation Fieldwork Grantees. Does the Dissertation Fieldwork grant support writing or tuition? Printed Application Materials — Assembly and Submission Instructions After submitting the application form and required attachments online, applicants must send one 1 printed copy of the application form and attachments, PLUS four 4 additional copies of the application form only, to the Foundation offices to complete the filing process: Grant funds used for purposes not approved by the Foundation, or not spent at the end of the grant period, must be returned to the Foundation.


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What date do you expect to have all required required for this project. Read more about Is my Grant or Fellowship taxable? By gaining a greater understanding of the new use of TJ in North America, the findings from the proposed research will contribute to the broad anthropological discussions concerning cross-cultural concepts of justice, the political economy of overseeing a TRC, and the debate on the possibility of universal human rights.

wenner gren foundation dissertation fieldwork grant

Findings will illustrate if facilitator goals correspond to rigid, government-driven goals and if Indigenous goals correspond to the creation of societal structural change and public awareness or not.

Department of Treasury website at: TRC investigation, monetary reparations, absence of burial excavation.

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An editorially independent online publication, to popularize and publicize anthropological research to an international audience. The research proposed here aims to contribute to the theoretical debate surrounding concepts of justice and reconciliation, transitional justice, and its efficacy by analyzing the adoption of a TJ framework in the contemporary Canadian context. Other academic advisors can be mentioned in question 4 of the project description disertation.

This research proposes to unpack and problematize the use of transitional justice in Canada and thus contribute to broader theoretical debates that 1 question the meaning and universality of justice and reconciliation, 2 scrutinize how law and justice relate to each other, and 3 seek to understand how top-down government-driven justice- seeking measures differ from bottom-up grassroots-driven justice-seeking measures.

It is also important to note that the research does not pose a risk to myself or others. Materials should be mailed in a single, securely bound package to: You may submit your application before you have completed these requirements, however you must have completed them before the start date for the research you provide on the sissertation form.


Because of possible disparity in goals between the actors, it is also important to assess thrassroots reconciliation movements that emerged in Indigenous communities. A form for this evaluation and approval of the financial accounting is available for download on our website.

Disseryation applications are sent to an external panel for academic review. Examples of current rights-related issues that were illuminated in the pilot research include differential access to resources and discriminatory removal of Native children from their homes.

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Can I apply more than once a year for the Dissertation Fieldwork grant? Why do I need a thesis supervisor to apply, and who should he or she be? All applicants will be notified as to whether or not they are successful at this stage. FromIndigenous people of Canada suffered forced assimilation, sexual abuse, and physical abuse in government and church administrated boarding schools; the Canadian government began to actively address these crimes in with the negotiation of the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement.

Applications are screened against the General Criteria for Evaluation. With a master of arts degree in biological anthropology, specifically forensicanthropology, I am aware of the skills and training that both a forensic anthropologist and cultural anthropologist can contribute to the evaluation of complex human rights situations. The application asks for the following: