This will allow us to introduce new scenarios, which would be difficult to film safely on the road. We want to make sure that all road users have the choice to engage with the national driver and rider standards. Where IT services were previously delivered by a single main contractor, services in onwards will be supported by a range of contracts, meeting the requirements of the government ICT strategy. DSA will continue to work with the motorcycle training industry and progress implementation of our review of how and where we deliver motorcycle tests in order to be more responsive to the needs of our customers. We will ensure that the content for all examiner vehicle-related training courses is fit for purpose and that the courses are delivered to the required standard to meet EU 3rd Directive requirements that commenced January

Since 1 January , if an offender has been disqualified for a period of at least 12 months for a relevant drink-driving offence, courts have been able to offer them the opportunity for referral to an approved drink- drive rehabilitation scheme course. They should have confidence DSA will use and protect their information and data properly. For motorcycle testing we expect a slight reduction in demand following a small surge in , prior to the EU 3rd Directive that came into force on 19 January but then a return to the steady growth experienced since Climate change is recognised globally as a significant threat. The aim of the scheme is to provide drink-drive offenders with the appropriate education to help them recognise the problems associated with drink-driving and to enable them to change their behaviour in order to reduce reoffending. This will reduce the need for large scale solution change in existing IT provision through a process of phased evolutionary development. DSA is a government trading fund, financed almost entirely by the income generated from fees for its services.

To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. Read all of our road safety evidence here: We have seen significant improvements over recent years right across the agency and we will use the EMS and other tools to deliver further improvements.

Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. The agency uses DfT shared services, which will be divested in The transport of dangerous goods is regulated in order to prevent and limit the effect of, as far as possible, accidents.


Driving Standards Agency business plan, 2013 to 2015

We plan to complete consultation on vosz proposals to modernise the driver training industry in Its aim is to advise and inform members of the House of Commons and of the House of Lords on air, rail and road safety issues.

This makes our learning materials more memorable and increases the chances that a good standard will be practised on the road.

vosa business plan 2013-14

Whatever lies ahead and with the support and expertise of DSA staff and our partners, we will continue to focus on working together to promote safe and responsible plzn and riding to make sure our roads in Great Britain remain among the safest in the world.

Climate change is recognised globally as a significant threat. We continue to target the sites using the most water per capita and have approximately 10 significant queries under investigation. Bills currently before Parliament with potential links to transport safety.

The executive board monthly review of corporate risks provides guidance to managers on how to respond to risks they have identified.

In addition, Table 1 shows an overview of our work to mitigate other environmental impacts. We will improve the initial qualification and standards maintenance arrangements for approved driving instructors so that they better align with our published national standards.

We are working hard to understand their needs and think in new ways about how we deliver services. Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is vsa anything wrong with this page? Key areas attracting publicity at present are fuel efficient driving including the Committee on Climate Change recommendations and Third Directive and cycle safety including the select committee recommendations and Times campaign point 5.

vosa business plan 2013-14

The accreditation attained in is valid for 3 years, but we will commission further reviews against elements of the standard in and from our accreditors in accordance with the conditions of the scheme. We will continue to manage serious absences sensitively, but effectively to ensure satisfactory outcomes for Bsiness and individuals.

vosa business plan 2013-14

Monthly reports to the executive board showing all emissions from energy, vehicles owned, leased and hiredgrey fleet and some public transport. Founder member of the European Transport Safety Council: Fees for statutory services are expected to remain at current levels throughoutwith the agency seeking efficiencies to meet the costs of service developments and to counteract the inflationary pressures on costs.


Demand for, and delivery of, services are susceptible to a number of external influences, including economic conditions and bad weather. Some of the other ideas being discussed as part of the Motoring Services Strategy are fewer agencies, more working with partners, sharing resources with public and private sector organisations and maximising the delivery of digital services to motorists to reduce costs and improve service.

People are at the heart of everything we do as an organisation, whether customers, stakeholders or our own staff. The government has set its departments and executive agencies a number of environmental targets called the Greening Government Commitments.

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DSA will also aim to strengthen its current social media presence – to communicate and engage with both customers and stakeholders on key areas such as the driving test and The Official Budiness Code.

There are plans to invest in systems to improve customer service by further developing our online services. For motorcycle testing we expect a slight reduction in demand following a small surge inprior to the EU 3rd Directive that came into force on 19 January but then a return to the steady growth experienced since DSA will continue to support government initiatives such as businesx government digital strategy and details vosz included throughout this plan.

We will continue to respond to reviews and other feedback and carry out research to improve the range and quality of resources.

All cases of actual or suspected fraud or bribery will be investigated promptly and disciplinary action will be taken where appropriate. Chief Executive message 2. Offer the very best public service we can — one that is reliable, cost-effective, adaptable and efficient. We value the constructive working relationships we have developed with key stakeholders and intend bbusiness continue to work closely with them to ensure that bhsiness relevant knowledge, understanding and expertise is involved in progressing our shared goal of improving road safety.