Almost all PST-like tests have multiple choice answers. Candidate-led usual style Topics: In some BCG offices, If you pass your test successfully, you are required to take a written case. First, try to think of this problem in terms of the expected value of the candidate drug: Practice getting faster once you are certain that you end up with the right result most of the time.

Add your comment optional. Could you please clarify? Do not batch-process answers in 5 or 10 question blocks or transfer all the answers in the end. Log in now Keep me logged in. And the third best is… practice. Common Terms of Business. Crack the Case Interview.

Marking numbers and information you need in the text helps you quickly rediscover the answers.

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Guide to gaining speed in PST-style tests

If time and test allows, you can then go back to the questions at the end. Typically, the two best ways to simply get quicker are case math and reading. Despite some similarities across the consulting firms e. Questions challenge your reading, critical reasoning, numerical reasoning, and problem-solving skills, as well as attention to detail. View in detail 5. The second best way is to practice.

Prepare for McKinsey PST, BCG, Oliver Wyman, and other consulting tests – Fless

This means you sho Therefore it makes more sense to make sure that you first get the easy ones right and worry about more difficult ones later. Because starting by testing for one of those answers would require you to calculate an average of 3. That means that, for those candidates, 1 or 2 additional right questions might make the difference. One of the skills implicitly tested in the PST is “processing speed” — how fast you can do the math and solve the problems.


McKinsey PST Cut-Off Score

Common Terms of Business. After your successful start in a major consulting firm you approach your case team leader and suggest him that you could do sopving super interesting and clever piece of analysis.

Eliminate some answers quickly Almost all PST-like tests have multiple choice answers. Hi Paola, in addition to what mentioned by Carlos, I would recommend you the following: View in detail 2. McKinsey Value Chain case math Math problem.

victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test

Time is usually the single most crucial factor solvig solving PST-style tests Overall, the questions given in this type of tests are actually not that hard.

The OW test has not been updated for ages.

victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test

Time is scarce on consulting projects, therefore consultants can only do so-called answer changing analyses that might change the hypothesis they are currently working on. That gives you one advantage: In this way you would get both the tests and a session.


victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test

IQ Test also include mental maths questions e. Do you know why they place such an importance on the PSTs and not give a candidate the chance to prove himself in actual interviews?

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Transfer answers to the answer sheet right away Some consulting firms require you to do their tests paper-based and to record your answers on a special answering sheet. In most cases you will receive much cheny information than you both need and can handle while the key information chenng somewhere in the text.

Guide to Improving Speed in Written Tests such as the PST

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