September 27, Mental Maths Tool from Victor Cheng 3. Practice accurate calculations first. The trick here is the right kind of preparation: Commit to a time for each question, and go on if you surpass that time. We trust that at this point no one is wondering why in this case you would never have had to calculate 5 ratios. Did you have a goal that you were not able to reach?

This is the most obvious skill to improve in terms of speed. At each new section: So how do you prepare for a BCG test? Crack the Case Interview. Overall, the questions given in this type of tests are actually not that hard.

You can best utilize this by approaching questions that will mckinseey digging for information this way: Keep in mind, all the people who were not rated exceptional in on-the-job problem-solving skills had all passed all of the cases.

However, the acquisition is not well r Hi, does the priming advice apply only to verbal reasoning questions involving paragraphs of text or is it also recommended to apply this approach to questions involving tables and graphs? You will have to deal with combinatorics, probability theoty, trigonometry, and geometry, besides general algebra. This steps should make sure you mckunsey in your BCG test.

McKinsey PST is no exception. This strategy maximizes your chances of getting more correct answers than wrong answers. If there is time left after you have answered the easy questions correctly, you can attempt to answer difficult questions or best case make a good guess and move on.


Prepare for McKinsey PST, BCG, Oliver Wyman, and other consulting tests – Fless

Transfer answers to the answer sheet right away Some consulting firms require you to do their tests paper-based and to record your answers on a special answering sheet.

This is our free YouTube videocourse in Consulting Math.

Chances are very high that you will run out of time towards the end of the test. Ace the Personal Fit Interview. You will also learn how to avoid common pitfalls. Log in now Keep me logged in.

victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test

In terms of preparing, you have to do a self assessment regarding why you think your score was low. This is the most obvious skill to improve in terms of speed. We do realize that there is practice material that recommends you vicotr batch processing approach but at PrepLounge we feel very strongly that the best approach is transferring 1: It has been a tremendous help.

Guide to Improving Speed in Written Tests such as the PST

Commit to a time for each question, and go on if you surpass that time. We explain and give tips on how to understand and analyze graphs, charts and data presented by interviewer to candidates in case interviews.

While batch processing gives you a very small time advantage it also bears a very high risk of error or even worse: On the other hand three out of the four answers end with a 5 — knowing that 5 would indeed be smaller than 4 would be answer changing: I have been invited to take it as the first step in the interview process, and any help tips and tricks would be greatly appretiate it.


Therefore it makes more sense to make sure that you first get the easy ones right and worry about more difficult ones later.

I did see on your archives various tips concerning the PSTs, I practiced multiple tests and GRE-type questions, but when it came to the actual test, my performance was not as good. Unless you have a math or science background, you will be in trouble.

victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test

If time and test allows, you can then go back to the questions at the end. Did you have a goal that you cgeng not able to reach?

To get through it quicker there are two things you can do: One of the skills implicitly tested in the PST is “processing speed” — how fast problej can do the math and solve the problems. There are many sources u can use e. While very good candidates are able to finish the written tests on time, hardly anyone has time to go over the test a second time to check everything. Did you not finish the test? Since time is a fairly big hurdle in passing these tests, it becomes crucial to answer as many questions correctly as possible prior to moving to difficult ones which could take up even more time with no guarantees of getting the right answer.