Develop a set of recommendations for expanding or shifting the focus of the collection, including the means for description, cataloging and tracking of the collection. See examples of past Capstone projects. Analyze a defined collection of information in its existing state and usage. You are not required to submit a written report, under the expectation that publication from research may occur on a timeline out of sync with graduation. For specific details about the program and past projects, please join us to learn about past UW iSchool Capstone programs!

Becoming an active project sponsor gives iSchool students the chance to work with real-world, open-ended, interdisciplinary information challenges proposed by top-tier industrial, non-profit, and research project sponsors like yourselves and it costs nothing to take part. Capstone Information Sessions take place each autumn and spring. To complete a research Capstone instead of a practical Capstone, you must: Analyzing The Gates Foundation’s Grant Giving Process The Gates Foundation Grand Challenges has teamed up with InfoVision in order to develop a point-in-time first encounter analysis and bias report regarding their current blind review methodology. Researching Answers to Complex Questions: Do a requirements study incorporating needs assessment, analysis of technologies, proposed solution, ROI.

A note from our sponsor: These experiences guide you through forming a team, developing a project, and completing the project in time for the spring Capstone event. Conceive and design a new department for an organization that centralizes the management of information resources and create a plan for how to get the department established. The primary goal of your Capstone project is to demonstrate your mastery of the knowledge that you have gained in your program.


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All are welcome to attend: Resources within this toolkit seek to center prject agency of content creators; aid in diversifying collections; and serve as a model for other institutions. Delivering lifesaving care, faster. More information at https: Elevate is a mission-critical, high-availability application for Airlift Northwest emergency flight nurses and pilots in Washington and Alaska. This Capstone experience is for students who are interested in pursuing academic research careers through doctoral studies, or are just interested in contributing to research while at the university.

The evening begins promptly at 6: Being an active project sponsor is not limited to just fortune companies though iSchool student teams have engaged many Capstone projects by working with Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco, Costco, Amazon and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Analyze a defined collection of information in its existing state and usage.

Thursday, May 31, Location: Projects range from mobile device isdhool to web-based library collection tools to browser security plug-ins. Submitting the search will reload this page and filter results below.

Thanks to our Presenting Sponsor: The second type of Capstone is a research Capstone. Iscbool final piece is the Capstone event at the end of the school year.

Lunch + Learn: Researching Answers to Complex Questions: A conversation with the UW iSchool

See examples of past Capstone projects. Age Friendly Business With the growth of Seattle’s elderly population, there is a bigger need for businesses in the city to provide better care pgoject their older employees and customers. As trucks wait in line at gates and roadways they emit greenhouse gases and particulate matter which contributes to local air pollution.


uw ischool capstone project

Perform a system integration between two data systems that requires you to map between the schemas of each system, draw data from each and produce a unified view. The highlight of the evening is an iscgool ceremony showcasing presentations of premiere projects that were determined by judges and guests.

Project Aloha On any given day, over 11, people experience homelessness in Seattle. Thursday, June 5, 6 — 9 p. Practical Capstones The first type is a practical Capstone.

Taken in spring quarter. Close menu Toolkit Customize Your Experience. Close menu Toolkit Customize Your Experience. Loading search results, please wait. Solutions are typically interactive, meaning the end product is something that can be implemented and used. Keystone Projects are designed for students in the Environmental Management certificate program, however students can participate in Keystone Projects for independent study credits.

Therefore, they can recognize what it means to provide age-friendly customer service and to be age-friendly employers. Researching Answers to Complex Questions: Perform an information inventory across a large and diverse set of documents.

uw ischool capstone project

Intelius is a leading i-commerce company and we understand the impact information will have on our personal lives and the global economy.