This tool I did not use as much compared to the Output Comparison Tool. The assignments were somewhat cumulative since each assignment built upon the fundamentals of the previous one. The difficulty of the exams are arbitrarily determined by the lecturer, but Stuart Reges I believe has the reputation of having the most challenging exams. This course introduces fundamental concepts of computer science and computational thinking. The Output Comparison Tool was a very useful resource for me when doing homework. How hard is it to get into the CS major?

I think internal correctness was the easiest way to lose homework points. From this, we had to focus completely in an object-oriented way. GeoLocation This assignment is given during the week of Thanksgiving break so it is specific to the Autumn quarter. Depending on each programmer, everyone is going to have a different way to do this. Overall Thoughts and Conclusion The CSE course was a great experience and really helped me build a good framework for programming. A main reason is that it doesn’t have autocomplete.

uw cse 142 homework

Critters The main focus of the assignment was on objects and object-oriented programming. The feedback you provide will help us show you more cae content in the future. Abravenewworld And, about how well you need to do on midterms, homework.

This assignment is given during the week of Thanksgiving break so it is specific to the Autumn quarter. Additionally, it taught me to focus on reducing redundancy and eliminating repetitive code. Office hours will be on Wednesday. For the final, it consists mostly of programming problems and less of the mechanical problems seen in the midterm. Using for loops did not work because the client program asked us for a single move each time and for loops would not be able to “remember” which move we were on.


Having good style and clean code is the key to getting a good score on the homework assignments.

CSE 142: Computer Programming I, Spring 2017

Homework In the Autumn quarter, there were nine total homework assignments. It taught me to always maintain good style and prioritize clean hpmework readable code.

uw cse 142 homework

Here is the best resource for homework help with CSE I completely enjoyed the class, and Helene was a fantastic lecturer. Luckily, this tool can help you outsmart the marketplace.

Bring ID, pencil, scratch paper, caffeine, brain. This assignment focused on static methods and println statements homeworm we had to write a program that would “output a cumulative song in which successive verses build on previous verses.

uw cse 142 homework

Homework 4 Gradanator CSE It was one of the shorter and easier assignments. On January 2,my instructor emailed back giving me approval to post this. Instead of using value semantics like primitive data types, arrays used reference semantics.

My Reflection on CSE 142: Computer Programming I at the University of Washington

Although I had self-taught some programming basics using online tutorials, they were mostly in Python and not in Java the language used in this class. I am constantly telling my non-CS friends to take just to try it out. This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. Get YouTube Red Best of views; 1 month ago; 1: Emails are not actual people, but you could use an email to reach an actual person.


Concepts include data abstraction and encapsulation. They were assigned on a weekly basis and were all related to what we had learned during the week in lecture.

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The main focus on the assignment was that the song was cumulative and that we should focus on reducing redundant code. We d like you to remove your posting and any other similar postings you may have made within 24 hours. If another programmer was to look at unreadable code, they wouldn’t understand it and would have to rewrite cee entirely. Sign up for me.

By not having autocomplete, I had to write each statement out through memory or by looking up the documentation of what I needed. Additionally, I think the mantra of this course was “reduce redundancy.

The main focus was to scan the files for placeholders, then prompt the user for the specific type of that placeholder to replace them, and then output it into another file. This was also the first assignment where we were introduced to good style and reducing redundancy.