Check special characters and symbols Check whether all pages of your thesis can be read in the program Adobe Acrobat. However, at the time of research, some of the URLs were not working properly or had shifted their base like National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India http: The ETD repositories should be properly updated and maintained in order to showcase the current research work done. Help Center Find new research papers in: Westlaw International database, including statues, cases and other documents from European Union, The United States, England, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, more than 1, law reviews and news from important international newspapers. DSpace University of Zululand http: DSpace National Institute Of http:

DSpace University of Limpopo http: A pilot project at Virginia Tech led to a mandatory requirement for post theses and dissertations to be submitted only electronically. Skip to main content. EPrints University, Edinburgh http: DSpace of universities of applied October http: Bora College, shantashrees yahoo. Skip to main content.

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Collects and curates digital outputs 5. DSpace Salesiana http: Griffith University January http: Turn on more accessible mode. The database has more than titles.

IRs are part of a growing effort to reform scholarly communication and break the monopoly of journal publishers by reasserting institutional control over the results of scholarship. The Open Access Movement In the last few years, the Open Access movement has dztabase a lot of importance and popularity among the academic and scientific institutions.


Provides access to Science Magazine and the archive of last 10 years of the journal published by American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dokumentenserver Campus Duisburg 18 May DSpace Library http: ETD-db 09 University http: Publications October http: DSpace http: Majority of titles published in and later.

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Rhesis on the Green Road: Otherwise, all legal responsibility against the University will be directed to those who violate the policies. DSpace 17 Spain http: ETD-db December http: Designing single-window search service for electronic theses and dissertations through metadata harvesting. All these events have significantly contributed for establishment of E-theses repositories and OA movement in India.

Online availability of electronic theses through centrally-maintained digital repositories will not only ensure easy access and archiving of Indian doctoral theses but will also help in raising the standard and quality of research.

See also the general guidelines.

uvt thesis database

DSpace of universities of applied October http: DSpace University of Waterloo http: Don’t put any personal information address, Tel. EPrints University of Pittsburgh http: Check thesiw all pages of your thesis can be read in the program Adobe Acrobat.


uvt thesis database

EPrints Research Institute http: Economics and Management Students of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management may hand in their thesis by delivering a PDF file to the secretariat of their department. DSpace University Repository http: EPrints Paris Institute of Techology http: D-Space software is used by more than 45 Institutes for creating E-theses repository. We kindly remind the patrons not to make systematic downloads but to download only the amount of electronic resources they require and not to share the downloaded resources via internet.

The ETD repositories should be properly updated and maintained in order to showcase the current research work done. E-Prints University http: The university is able to fulfill its responsibilities of recording and archiving theses and dissertations and save money.

uvt thesis database