ETDs benefit the graduate student by: You know your thesis best. Once your ideas have begun to crystallize, write out a two to three page proposal, and show it to a prospective supervisor. You will be working very intensely at this point, but the work is likely to be quite satisfying, since things will fall into place in ways that you could only hope to happen a month or two before. Return to primary navigation. Expect minutes of questions from each examiner.

Your supervisor will be helping you to work out what to do with the various comments. Last updated October 27, Release the idea that you must know everything. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Ask a colleague to flip through the pages, looking for anything that is displaying oddly:

You know your thesis best.

Master’s oral exam announcements

Your supervisor should be giving you comments and advice on bits and pieces of your work as you go along. Consult with Graduate Advisor Eefence The Library keeps electronic copies of all Master’s theses that have been completed.

If this is the case, you will likely want the Faculty of Graduate Studies theeis withhold your work from publication in UVicSpace. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search.

Research that would require you to consult the National Archives in Ottawa or to go to Hong Kong for field-work may be more challenging. You must also submit a copy of the thesis approval form to your supervisor at the time of your examination.


Oral defence – University of Victoria

You yourself may have noticed a few things you want to change. If you have requested that your thesis be withheldthe librarians will enforce the withholding in accordance with the approval by FGS. Set yourself strict deadlines. If you’re lucky, the changes will all be “editorial”: Workshops and support There are a number of workshops to help you with your thesis preparation, writing and management. Skip to secondary navigation.

Sign and submit the completed request for oral examination form together with an updated CV from vuic External Examiner for approval by the Dean as well as a copy of the Confirmation of Arm’s Length Defencd Form.

If you have committee members that are off campus and not easily accessible i. April 21, – Suzanne Ahearne.

Doctorate oral exam announcements – University of Victoria

Return to secondary navigation. Full details are available in the calendar. This is the crunch period.

uvic thesis defence

You may hate your thesis by this point. There may be a second round of questions, and the exam Chair may also have a question rarely. You may be trying to prove that something is true or you may simply be trying to explore a puzzling phenomenon defencr describe it in its full complexity.


Confim working plan and thesis committee December: Once you’ve completed the written portion of your thesis or dissertation and each supervisory committee member has read the thesis or dissertation and agreed that it is examinable, you must complete an oral examination.

uvic thesis defence

You are not likely to be as a concise as a more experienced academic which means your thesis will approximately the same length as an average academic article. You have to focus on the essential revisions.

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The external examiner must be from outside of the university. Skip to secondary navigation. Start with the ones that you understand best, and about which you can write most easily. Return to global menu.

Guidelines for oral examinations

A good Master’s thesis cannot be written in one draft, nor can it contain everything that a student writes on the topic addressed. Answer as best you can. Skip to primary navigation.