Problems of population decline: Shifting cultivation is mainly practised by indigineous tribes. Hi, thank you so much for your useful website, is it possible to print the case studies for example? The hot water is then piped up and the heat energy is converted to electricity. The reefs are also destroyed as tourists take samples home and leave litter on the beaches that may kill reef fish. Also, fishing is very prominent, as the distributaries are colonised by shrimps.

Also, tourists may dump waste in the desert, poisoning flora and fauna. Site Factors of Power Stations. Alternative to coursework Case Studies Welcome! Youthful population In , These services may then have to close eg. Members of the Red Cross built shelter camps for displaced residents.

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Subsequently, longshore drift transports the coastal sediments, which deposit in the sheltered mouth of the Humber estuary. Short-term responses included search and rescue efforts and emergency evacuations.

Urban Sprawl

Densely populated urban areas: April 10, at Government-funded pensions may have to shrink to cover everybody, leaving many people with less to spend and some in poverty. Problems of underpopulation in Canada: Thank You… Like Like. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The population of Canada is clustered in the Southern areas; because, the cold Arctic climate makes cultivation impossible and it is rather unpleasant to live in those cold areas. Primarily, the government fostered the production of onshore wind energy, as technical challenges prevented off-shore farms.


Others are emigrating to prevent being abused by radically religious groups such as IS, who have trained child soldiers and organised kidnappings and extrajudicial executions.

It is found along the Mid-Atlantic ridge, where new earth crust is created.

urban sprawl case study igcse

Inputs, outputs and processes. The sheep are also well adapted to the mild climate and the rich pasture, ihcse on the mountainous slopes of South Island. Short-term responses to the earthquake included search casf rescue efforts, as well as the the import of food, water and shelter from the USA and Dominican Republic.

The Three Gorges Dam also interferes with aquatic life, being a major threat to the White Flag Dolphin, which is already at risk from extinction.

urban sprawl case study igcse

Katrina intensified before making landfall in Florida and was a Hurricane 3 upon reaching the Mississippi Delta. For a case study on settlement and service provision in an area, feel free to adapt my case studies on a rural settlement LEDC or MEDCor to create your own. Hope this helps, Carina Like Like. For instance, the Ber tree has a rapidly developing taproot system slrawl survive in drought conditions.

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The moistureholding capacity decreases; it rains. I have not included a case study directly on economic development and its consequences on the environment; however, this part of the syllabus can be inferred from the case study on the tropical rainforest in Borneo. Animals are also scared away by traffic. Lack of flat land for cultivation Thin, infertile and acidic soils Extreme climate: However, the area is threatened by storm tides, particularly in fall and winter, which may cause floods that damage the unique ecosystem.


A Sparsely populated country With a population of around 35 millionand a population density of 3. In other words, they try to avoid adding Co2 to the atmosphere, as carbon dioxide is considered to be responsible for global warming.

April 5, at 5: Why people live near volcanoes. Xerophilious grass has a small surface area to reduce water loss.

Case study: Urban Sprawl – London

Notify me of new posts via email. Flooding was caused as glacial stufy melted and torrents of water were flowing down the slopes of the land. Also, the Maldives plan to be a carbon neutral country by On the other hand, people did not want to live near wind farms, as these were considered a form of visual pollution.