Assessing the Relevance and Value of Sources All the items you include in your bibliography should reflect the source’s contribution to understanding the research problem or the overall issue being addressed. Is the methodology sound? On Compiling an Annotated Bibliography. By reading and critically analyzing a variety of sources associated with a research problem, you can begin to evaluate what the issues are and to gain a better perspective on what scholars are saying about your topic. Modern Language Association, If you’re just writing summaries of your sources, the annotations may not be very long.

You may be asked to write various business-style documents, including letters and reports. University of Maryland; Knott, Deborah. Business letters Read More. Does this source address all the relevant issues? These include for around the following:. Encourages you to think critically about the content of the works you are using, their place within the broader field of study, and their relation to your own research, assumptions, and ideas; Provides evidence that you have read and understood your sources; Establishes validity for the research you have done and of you as a researcher; Gives you an opportunity to consider and include key digital, multimedia, or archival materials among your review of the literature; Situates your study and underlying research problem in a continuing professional conversation; Provides an opportunity for others to determine whether a source will be helpful for their research; and, Could help researchers determine whether they are interested in a topic by providing background information and an idea of the kind of scholarly investigations that have been conducted in a particular area of study.

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Other resources Fussy Professor Starbuck’s cookbook of handy-dandy prescriptions for ambitious academic authors Bill Starbuck What you say about the source is dictated by the type of annotation you are asked to write. Education and Society; French Language. Writing an Annotated Bibliography. Bibliiography type of annotation seeks to answer these types of questions: However, if you are writing an extensive analysis of each source, you’ll need to devote more space. Depending on the expectations of the document, an abstract is Does the source refer to and analyze a particular body of annotatedd that you want to cite?


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As the centfe suggests, a literature review involves the author examining the existing literature bibliographt a chosen topic, but you might be wondering: What limitations does the source have [reading level, timeliness, reliability, etc. Olin Reference, Research and Learning Centee. How has the Academic Writing Centre helped you? Format and Content The format of an annotated bibliography can differ depending on its purpose and the nature of the assignment.

Case studies Cengage Learning Case study report University of Guelph Guidelines for writing a case study analysis and the annotated example Ashford University Conference poster: Be creative in thinking about possible sources, including non-textual items, such as, films, maps, photographs, and audio recordings, or archival documents and primary source materials, such as, diaries, government documents, collections of personal correspondence, meeting minutes, and official memorandums.

University of Wisconsin, Madison; Annotated Bibliography. Contents may be listed alphabetically by author or arranged chronologically by publication date.

Now I am not scared of essays, but actually enjoy writing them. Geography cengre the smaller the region of analysis, the fewer items there are to consider including in your bibliography [e. Strategies to Define the Scope of your Bibliography.

Length Annotations can vary significantly in length, from a couple of sentences to a couple of pages. It generally contains the hypothesis, methodology, and conclusion or findings, but like the descriptive type, you are not offering your own evaluative comments about such content.


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Does this source address all the relevant issues? On Compiling an Annotated Bibliography. What is your overall reaction to the source?

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Papa Imilla Negra Producto obtenido a partir de las materia prim On a broader level, writing an annoted bibliography can be excellent preparation for conducting a larger research project by allowing you to evaluate what research has bibloography been conducted and where your proposed study may fit within it. Papa Blanca Imilla o Rosada Producto obtenido a partir de las materia prim Choosing Sources for Your Bibliography. Are you interested in the way the author frames the research questions or in the way the author goes about answering it [the method]?

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Want to book an appointment at the Academic Writing Centre? Choosing Sources for Your Bibliography There are two good strategies you should use to uott identifying possible writong for your bibliography–one that looks back into the literature and one that looks forward. Educational LeadershipTheoretical Framework.

Assessing the Relevance and Value of Sources All the items you include in your bibliography should reflect the source’s contribution to understanding the research problem or the overall issue being addressed.

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