If you have access to the full version of Adobe Acrobat you will also be able to use this to convert your thesis to PDF format. If your thesis will not be embargoed do not complete this field. Ensure that the CD or memory stick is labelled with your name and thesis title. MSc by Research Students. If you have been granted an embargo the full text of your thesis will not appear publicly until after this period has elapsed ; however, the details about your thesis, e.

Click on Next On the Status of item page indicate if there is any third party copyright material contained in your thesis that you have not gained permission to include in the electronic version by choosing yes or no. Assessors meet with the student face-to-face for a formal interview. This is the initial step in the process to nominate your examination committee and must be submitted to prevent your examination being delayed. The student attends training courses and obtains credits through the Research Training Programme. Note that until you click on ‘Deposit item now’, the record you have created will remain in your work space, and will not be visible to the Theses Services staff.

Formatting Your Thesis – Enlighten: Theses

Main course notes [ PDF – campus only]. Follow the instructions above up until you reach the page where you are asked to Upload full text of thesis Do not choose this option, but simply click Next.

The course will include information on how to convert your thesis to PDF. If you have been granted an embargo or if your thesis contains third party copyright material you do not have permission to include within the electronic version you should not deposit a copy of the full text of your thesis online. glxsgow

Formatting Your Thesis

It also recognised that part-time students will make less progress in any one year than full-time students. If you have univereity to the full version of Adobe Acrobat you will also be able to use this to convert your thesis to PDF format. Following the examination and completion of any required corrections: If this is the case you should save an additional copy thesks your thesis, remove the relevant material and insert a place holder at this point in the document, e.


If necessary, use the next box to provide any relevant information about 3rd party copyright material within your thesis. Both literature reviews and project plans must follow the same timelines as those in place for PhD students. If there is any other umiversity about your thesis, e.

Depositing Your Thesis

Xubmission arrangements within Institutes and Schools will apply for the organisation of the annual review. The author’s name and title of the thesis should appear on the front cover; and the author’s name including initialsthe degree for which submitted and the year of submission should appear on the spine, lettered from top to bottom.

If you are concerned that your PDF file is very large please contact theses gla.

university of glasgow thesis submission mvls

Use the Next button to move through the different stages of the deposit process. However, it is acceptable to deposit a small number of individual files if you experience major difficulties in producing a single file for conversion to PDF.

university of glasgow thesis submission mvls

While you are strongly encouraged to attend this course, the documentation for the course can also be accessed here: If an embargo has been granted, select the date three years from the date on which you are depositing. If you still cannot open the files e-mail theses gla.

This is the initial step in the process to nominate your examination committee and must be submitted to prevent your examination being delayed. Once you have registered, log-in with the username and password you selected by clicking on Create Account.


If you are providing additional multimedia files you must include a separate file giving details of the additional files you have provided i. The online deposit system can cope with very large files being deposited, but from the point of view of people trying to access your thesis it is best if PDF files are kept to a reasonable size.

Depositing Your Thesis – Enlighten: Theses

You may upload additional PDF files if e. MSc by Research Students. If you need to deposit additional multimedia files that cannot be incorporated into the main PDF file you should use the same file name with the addition of information about the type of media being deposited. Presentation of the print thesis Univetsity following guidelines apply specifically to the print version of your thesis: This training, and a DMP review service is already available to all staff and students.

You must choose ‘Deposit item now’ once you are happy that everything is correct in order to complete the process.

For help and advice on preparing the electronic version of your thesis you will find it extremely useful to attend the course on ‘ Using Word to prepare your thesis’ run by IT Services.

Depositing associated multimedia files The main body of your thesis, including associated images, data, tables etc. Postgraduate Conveners will engage with the student if difficulties are highlighted. To provide research students and supervisors with more opportunities to plan the training needs of the postgraduate research student, whilst reaching regular milestones for ov throughout the year.

Use 10 pt Arial font and 1. Click on Next If you are not depositing iniversity full text of your thesis online skip to alternative instructions.