What is the motivational level of the student — respondents? There are other factors which affect the academic grades of the students. Effective teachers design assessment tasks that require students to demonstrate knowledge and skills at many levels. Writing, students are able to communicate information in written or printed words. Second, increase student participation in learning and school decisions by providing opportunities to develop responsibility, independence and leadership skills. The DepEd Order No.

Salazar University President Dr. So, the key to a participative and collaborative learning and class discussion is proper motivation. The awareness of learning as a socio-dynamic process was highlighted by many including Brunner and Rogoff The process of change in which the child comes to master more and more complex levels of moving, thinking, feeling and interacting with people and objects in the environment. It also describes the research design, sampling procedure, collection of data, treatment of data and the statistical design for the study.

Figure 1 presents the theoretical framework of the study. Motivation is needed at any level of education. North Tigers, South Educators owe limelight. This is the trust embodied in the theory of play in the aspect of teaching. Some of the most common math learning problems include: Request, receive and inspect drafting materials and tools Supporting this view is the relation between play and interaction which is the primary context for teaching and learning.

Skip to main content. Likewise, respondents will also be interviewed for additional insights related to the study. Through play, children learn about the physical, cognitive, linguistic, emotional, social and moral domains of their world…As children mature, play becomes more organized to include rules and negotiation…As a result, children also learn about themselves and how to relate to other people, preparing them for independent life” Boekhoven,p.


The aim is to teach generalizations beyond rote learning, and to sequence learning.

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This could be made possible by taking into account the details from the questionnaire employed in the study. Tasks will include lower order processes like comprehension, and higher order processes like synthesis and evaluation. The Student-teachers Practicum Teaching Experience. Their collaboration may involve projects undertaken by the whole class, such as an environmental project in the school or a community survey.

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In general terms, play simply makes children enjoy their life. It defined in different ways, and lots of different perspectives from the traditional to being modern teachers.

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The accomplished questionnaire will be retrieved, tabulated and tallied and the data gathered will be prepared for statistical treatment. The Australian Teaching and Learning Toolkit cited an average effect size of 0.

It may be possible that teachers are having difficulty creating meaning and establishing a purpose to what is being taught. Research Methodology The study to be conducted will employ experimental research design.

By Mark B Ulla. The social skills develop among learners is one crucial point in their student life.

Intrinsic motivation comes from within the person or the learner himself. They suggest that their government must give their students adequate facilities and laboratories and also unoversity the teacher training programme of the technical teachers.


Effective questions have varied levels — they focus on both product and process, and elicit more information if a student gives a partial or partially correct thesia Kyriakides; Muijs, The result of the findings can serve as a tool to build up future researchers and serves as a reference for future students that may cover other topic related to the present study.

But there are some variables which affects the performance of the students. These considerations apply to basic cognitive pf like note – taking and summarizing, and to self- regulation strategies such as self-questioning and self-consequences. These skills can now be identified by the teachers and students. The researchers will use the t-test for dependent or correlated samples.

It is considered that students do not outgrow the need to negotiate, compromise and cooperate in learning. The said study focused on play which pointed out that play in school activities are ca,oocan, and are also tools that help children learn about themselves and the world around them. These changes in behaviors may not last long.

university of caloocan city thesis

Students who are very grade-oriented are extrinsically motivated, whereas students who seem to truly embrace their work and take a genuine interest in it are intrinsically motivated. The awareness of learning as a socio-dynamic process was highlighted by many including Brunner and Rogoff