It’s a section heading? Reapply any formatting needed just don’t use a heading style. University Of Calgary Thesis Template — Then apply the Heading 2 style. A word is on average 5 characters long, hence we get about words per manuscript page. Downloading the templates The template is divided into two parts: The preface is an optional part of the front matter.

If you use styles, the Document Map will help you navigate your document. Our company can provide you with any kind of academic writing services you need: This section is set aside so you can acknowledge other individuals’ contributions to your thesis. We also believe that clients and writers should communicate with each other. To apply formatting without using styles: Then you try to remember what the previous section heading looks like.

Chapter headings are not aligned properly.

university of calgary latex thesis template

Notify me of new posts by email. If you do not have any symbols, abbreviations, or specific nomenclature in your thesis, you do not need to fill out this page. A field is a placeholder for data that may change in a document – like page numbers.

University of Calgary thesis template

To thesid this feature, open this Word file: As long as styles were used to mark the headings, you should be able to update the Table of Contents field, and it will display all of the headings and appropriate page numbers for you.


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Locate the text in the document that the table of contents is picking up. FGS no longer requires that the margins be exactly 1 inch, just that they are at a minimum 1 inch.

University of Calgary University Dr. Calggary preface is an optional part of the front matter.

university of calgary latex thesis template

Campus Life Go Dinos! Until you assemble your thesis, you will not be able to create your table of contents or lists of tables, figures, and plates. Then you try to remember what the previous section heading looks like.

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The Faculty of Graduate Studies does not offer technical support for the templates. Delete the red text and add the title of your thesis, your name, the name of your degree, the name of your department, the month, year, and appropriate copyright information. Each kind of formatting is turned into a style, and laid out before you start typing. Posted in Uncategorized Leave a comment.

A New University of Calgary LaTeX Thesis Class based on Memoir

It’s a section heading? A style can apply several formats in one quick step.


university of calgary latex thesis template

Follow the instructions here to delete any section that you do not need. A style is a set of formatting characteristics stored together that can be applied to text. The epigraph is an optional part of the front matter.

A New University of Calgary LaTeX Thesis Class based on Memoir – Richard Zach

If the title page exceeds one page, go back and delete blank lines until it fits on one page. Applying typewriter rules to electronically typeset manuscripts results in lines that are very long—and that means they are hard to read.

The list of symbols follows the table of contents and the lists of tables, figures and plates. Then apply the Heading 1 style. It’s a chapter heading? We take your protection seriously. An abstract is a short paragraph explaining the major points and conclusions of your thesis. The template provided sets the typeface to Times New Roman. Select it, and click Insert. The Table of Contents will include text formatted with the style “Headings 1” through “Heading 4”, as well as the “Front matter heading style” and “Appendix Heading Style”.