Help Center Find new research papers in: This represents a major threat particularly in emerging markets where rural consumers are affected by traditional and natural alternatives during their purchasing decisions. Segmentation Analysis To better address the needs of Brazilian customers, Unilever divided the market into smaller segments with distinct characteristics, so as to implement different and more focused marketing strategies. Learning from Others Need the references and resources for further study. A special discount will be applied in the first four months of the life of the product, but not to the price addressed to final consumers. For this reason, Laercio Cardoso, a Brazilian working for the Personal Care division of Unilever in Pakistan, has been chosen in order to be the head of a team working on the Everyman Project in Brazil, a team composed of Sales, Finance and Manufacturing experts. In the NE indeed, washing clothes is seen as something pleasant, since it happens in public places, where women meet and chat.

By Min Naing Soe. Case Unilever – Marketing. Omo small size cardboard box package Price: Recommendation Option 1, Reposition Existing Brand Campeiro, would be our priority recommendation for Unilever because of detergent powder feature and price advantage. In the NE indeed, washing clothes is seen as something pleasant, since it happens in public places, where women meet and chat.

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Clear search field Search. Unilever, though, has no knowledge of low- income consumers in this country or first-hand experience of the kind of marketing strategy unildver would work for this segment.

Unilever in Brazil However, as ztudy group, they represent a vast segment which is largely untapped, therefore it can be attractive given the low level of competition. Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods. On the other hand, Invicto enjoys the highest level of market penetration, positioning itself even above Campeiro, probably because of its long-term establishment as a Brazilian firm.


Brazil Unilever – 1996 Marketing Case Study

Also, it should educate people that foam is not the criteria to measure the cleanliness quality, which is wwot shortcoming of Campeiro based on Exhibit 5 in the case. Others, on the other hand, see growth opportunities and sustain that it is necessary to increase the customer base of detergent users in Brazil.

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The case study elucidate Unilever and their Strategies applied by Unilever in Brazil. Unilever Unilever in Brazil Case Study.

(PDF) Unilever in Brazil Case Study | Simo Sore –

The advertisement will present a group of common women, both young and older, dressed simply, rinsing their clothes at a public laundry. Existing Campeiro Brand Reposition Target audience: Unilever has operated all over the world also with research laboratories and it is organized into four main divisions based on the products it offers. Omo, launched in in Brazil, was the first detergent powder in the country and it still is the most successful brand in Brazil. InUnilever developed. Help Center Find new research papers in: Unilever in Brazil Case Study.

Positioning To address this new market, Unilever should place its product between its lowest brand, Campeiro, and the middle one, Minerva, staying closer to the former Exhibit 3.

Sales will then continue to grow thanks to word-of-mouth publicity from satisfied customers, made especially in public laundries, rivers and ponds where women meet to chat with friends while doing laundry.

The success of the project is given by the real effort to understand consumers.

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At the time of evaluating strengths and weaknesses of each of these three competing brands, we can claim that Pop and Invicto are well known brands, but Campeiro enjoys a slightly higher brand knowledge. In the SE instead, they usually do it alone at home, and they want to make the task as easy as possible. After analyzing the peculiarities of the market, the company seeks to address the low-income consumers segment, proposing a low-price laundry detergent.


In recent years, Unilever has disposed of several of its food Unilever should diversify its sauces portfolio in Brazil.

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Moreover, detergent usage is increasing in the NE, thus making this move even more appealing. The Everyman Project was launched in India and is now being tried in Brazil, with the future aim to reach Africa and the rest of Latin America next.

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This will be the principal characteristic of the new laundry detergent. This Website is for Sale: There will be two packaging formats according to the quantity of powder: Unilever in Brazil Team: This would have the positive effect of surprising Brazilian consumers with a new product, without the additional costs of creating a new formula.

It uunilever been demonstrated that, even though low income consumers have less money to spend, their WTP is higher than average consumers for something that they retain valuable and needful.

Some believe that Unilever should not fight in the lower-end of the market, where even small, local entrepreneurs with a lower cost structure struggle to break even. Skip to main content.