When the supervisors of the doctoral dissertation assess that the study is ready for reviewing, the doctoral student submits the work to be reviewed. Reprint permissions – template document. If i is used as an index in one place, k should not be used in another without a reason. Structure of the thesis The Master’s Thesis should be an independent entity. The student will receive a written evaluation. The dean appoints two examiners based on a proposition from the supervisor. The grounds for disqualification determined by the administrative law are considered when appointing the examiners.

When a term has been introduced, it must be used without any synonyms later in the text. Dissertations in Forestry and Natural Sciences. The symbols and formulas must be understood as parts of the sentence, taking this into account in language structures and punctuation. The main series are divided into two subcategories: The preliminary examiners must come from outside the University of Eastern Finland and hold a professorship, docentship, or a corresponding scientific qualification. Environmental and climate change law: Even one page is enough for that.

Send the thesis to editor Pertti Pasanen.

The text is to tem;late divided in chapters, the chapters in sections, and possibly in subsections, all with numbered titles.

If a person other that a professor, associate professor or assistant professor Tenure Track in the Faculty is proposed as the main supervisor for a doctoral dissertation, his or her up-to-date list of publications must accompany the application.

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After registering, and after the start of the seminar meetings, you will be instructed on how to get access to the moodle page of the seminar. Press release For the purposes of the press release to the media, hhesis should write a short and clear description of your dissertation.


The formulas must be placed neatly on the page, centered or at constant indent from the left margin. Extra space should templahe left around titles, lists, and separate line formulas.

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In the same way, theorems and independent definitions are separated by space. Contact your coordinator to check your completed studies and register them as part of your degree Before graduation and once the thesis grade has been registered to WebOodi, the completed studies must be compiled and registered as part of a student’s degree. Easily fixed issues will be solved immediately if they are essential to the service and in accordance with the operating policy. The email will have a link to the form.

The students who have not received their degree certificate before the graduation ceremony will receive it in the ceremony. Terminology must be used in a consice manner. It is possible to receive the degree certificate at the Faculty’s graduation ceremony, too.

The ISBN number will be given in several hours.

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The developers of SWAN are also constantly interested in feedback to improve the tool itself. If the dissertation contains previously published articles, it is the doctoral candidate’s responsibility to ask from reprint permissions for these from the original publisher.

The list is sorted alfabetically by the author name sor if absent, by name of the publication.

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Even if your research results would thesia significant, but you fail to convince your readers audiencethe impact templare your findings might be lesser than in deserves. It is natural that the topic first seems obscure, and little information is found.


Theoremes and separate definitions must be formatted as independent entitites with no references to other text. Even when an issue is presented according to a source, the text refered must be adapted to one’s own writing. Abstract blanco for download. The following should be printed and delivered by the printing house without any special order from you.

Original publishers may have their own forms for this on their own websites. A suitable margin width is 3 cm left and 2 cm rightdue to binding. Theses that may not be published electronically are available for reading but not for borrowing at the e-Gradu terminals of the campus libraries.

Tips for writing your tbesis release. The evaluation takes usually up to 4 weeks.

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The Master’s thesis is graded from rhesis to 5, with 5 being the highest grade NB: More instructions about, for instance, publication agreements information about layouts and the publication series templates: The main supervisor of the doctoral dissertation makes a proposition about the preliminary examiners by using the same form. The introduction usually needs no such hierarchy. The delivery time for the certificate is three 3 weeks from the point when the last study unit has been registered or from the date the application was returned.

After all of these, I can print the thesis. The Dean can not grant a permission for the thesis defence prior the Faculty has received the main supervisor’s confirmation.