Preparing for the Oral Defence. We appreciate that circumstances sometimes necessitate holding Defences during this period and will consider examination booking requests in cases where a Candidate’s Research Supervisor is able to find a suitable and willing Examination Chair. Friday, 18 October Acceptance of final, approved doctoral dissertation by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Tuesday, 18 June – 9: Checking the Thesis Please use Resources for Thesis Checking to check formatting before attempting to submit your thesis. Thesis Availability Your thesis will be available online in 3 – 4 days. The month of August has traditionally been an oral defence blackout period as well.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate School. Language and Literacy Education. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate School. For theses in language programs, some questions can be posed or answered in the language concerned, provided the Examination Committee can follow proceedings by translation if necessary in this other language. Thursday, 20 June –

There are two reasons for this: Should any technological issues arise during the course of the exam, the exam will not normally be paused to resolve them. Please note that if deadlines thesiis not met, doctoral candidates may not be able to fulfill requirements for intended program completion dates or for graduation ceremonies.

Creation, Evaluation and Optimization. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies also reserves the right to postpone the Final Oral Defence if the External Examiner’s report is not received three business days before the examination date.

Thursday, 20 June – 9: You cannot make changes to your thesis after it has been accepted into cIRcle, so defensf will not be able to correct any errors after your defrnse submission. Sauder School of Business. Candidates on extensions ending December 31 must complete oral examinations before the blackout period.


Final Doctoral Examination Guide

Sample thesis Supplementary materials: Thursday, 13 June – 4: The Immune Microenvironment of Sarcomas: A negative external report will almost certainly make it impossible to proceed with a scheduled Defence.

The PDF file must be compatible with Adobe Acrobat version 5, and must not be in “secured” format or password-protected. We encourage Candidates and their Supervisory Committees to make use of the Tools for Planning available on our website and to contact the Doctoral Exams team with any questions or concerns along the way. In addition to hosting the External Examiner, academic units are encouraged to make the most of this opportunity by inviting the Examiner to present a seminar, lecture or other academic event during his or her visit that will benefit other students.

Skip to main content Skip to main navigation. Planning in advance for the Final Doctoral Examination can significantly reduce stress for everyone involved. Wednesday, 19 June – The External Examiner’s participation in a Candidate’s Final Oral Defence offers the opportunity for a valuable dialogue about the dissertation and the research it presents. The Committee chooses two or more of its fots, including the Research Supervisor, to verify that the required changes have been made.

To cogs this possibility, fogw the Doctoral Exams office at least 4 weeks before the Oral Defence date. Selecting the Examination Chair.

If you decide to submit to the regular collection, you can only submit a PDF file there; multimedia files must be submitted separately to the Supplementary Materials collection. Supplementary materials Supplementary materials must be relevant to the thesis work and consist of electronic material or multimedia that cannot easily be included in the PDF of your thesis.


ubc fogs thesis defense

Final Doctoral Examination Process Overview Dissertation Submission Timeline Changes Candidates and their Research Supervisors are required to provide an expected date of submission of the dissertation for external examination on the Nominations for External Examiner form. Please note that the Examination Chair has the right to discontinue the recording if it is interfering with drfense proper conduct of the Examination.

ubc fogs thesis defense

Award Funding Please note that award funding is prorated to i the end of the month when the final copy of the dissertation is submitted to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies or ii the end of the month, one month after foga oral defense – whichever comes first.

Thesis Availability Your thesis will be available online in 3 – 4 days.

The dissertation is unsatisfactory. Candidates counting on an August oral defence who fail to make the appropriate arrangements with their committee members well in advance may find themselves unable to meet their desired deadline for program completion.

Examination Timeline – Graduate School – University of British Columbia – Vancouver – Canada

This initiative has the support of the Provost. Candidates and their Research Supervisors are required to provide an expected date of submission of the dissertation for external examination on the Nominations for External Examiner form. It is in the best interest of the candidate to meet the deadline for each step of the doctoral examination process.

The Final Oral Defence usually takes two to two and a half hours. Tuesday, 21 May –