And the group of varied individuals in our population has been brutally tested for fitness with the mind boggling questions from our professors and the complex labyrinthine examinations that really pull the spirits out of our bodies. Log In via Email. Smallpox was globally eradicated. The state of our nation is rough. Maybe not in the scientific sense of the concept, since that would necessitate grounds of giving birth to the mutated forms.

The future depends on how she and her fellow science majors—and all newly grads in general—will utilize what they acquired while studying to help the country. Some of which were mutated for advanced phenotypes. Click on the link in the email. And we cannot even fully understand the mystery, complexity and awesomeness of the human life. You embody academic excellence and honor. And this is with the adjusted standards to bolster the ratings of politicians.

We all can learn a thing or two from this brainy beauty!

tiffany uy graduation speech

I believe that there is limitless potential in each and every brilliant mind seated before me. Open the email in your inbox. It’s the limitless[ness] of human potential that we’ve served in the evolution of life. As scientists, more than anyone, we graduationn an outlook that always presupposes more to anything than we can ever imagine. To be able to survive we had to adapt.

10 Awesome Lines from Tiffany Uy’s Graduation Speech

So little are we, that Steve Grand, quoted by Richard Dawkins, likens us human beings more to a wave, than a permanent thing. And believe you me, I have spent many an hour racking my brains, reading books and even researching to look for some “sossy” anecdote or old philosopher’s tale with which I can relate the journey that has been, gradution with which I could help fill in the five whole minutes that I am required to speak with you today. Netizens were blown away by the fact that Tiffy was able to garner the otherwordly score without a single trace of stress in her face.


tiffany uy graduation speech

To write 10 to 15 page-long speecy reports before its due date at the 59th minute of Best of both worlds indeed. Thank you and a wonderful morning to all.

It’s the limitless of human potential that we’ve served in the evolution of life. Enter and confirm your new password. And we cannot even fully understand the mystery, complexity and awesomeness of the human life.

tiffany uy graduation speech

Completing ttiffany profile entitles you to the latest updates, invitations to special events, and cool downloadable freebies! Your minds, when inspired toffany imaginations unbound by glass ceilings, when inflamed with courage to tackle real societal problems and when grounded and motivated by an inherent love for our country and our people can make the crafting of the sustainable and stable future for our nation, not just possible but rather inevitable.

Find out more here. But perhaps there is no such anecdote or tale that can really illustrate the awesome adventure that has been B.

Sign in to your account. Log In via Email. Are you sure you typed the correct email address? And despite all the high marks, achievements and accomplishments under our belt, we come to the stark realization that there are many things that school has not prepared us for.


Graduation Speech of Tiffany Uy the UP Biology Student who Got Almost Perfect Grades

Log In using Facebook. Fellow Biology students in the Mammalian Cell Culture Laboratory are discovering natural products that have the potential to cure cancer. But what is perhaps remarkable is the scientific genius that has evolved in just a few number of years to realize just that. In lab, we have alternatively been tested for strength and heart to be able to dissect and scrutinize the icky body of a living cockroach without vomiting.

The state of our nation is rough. So, may you keep learning, keep believing and keep evolving.

10 Awesome Lines from Tiffany Uy’s Graduation Speech

Click on the link in the email. On what a college degree means: You tiffant academic excellence and honor. So at this monumental moment, where you graduate the short but extremely difficult 4 or 5 years of academic pursuit, I hope you fly off, knowing that from each and every one of you, is expected contributions nothing short of the miracle each and every one of you is! Now that’s how you handle your priorities!

You have great prospects gearing towards success and likely stability.