I told you they were responsive! However, I am stuck on which reference manager to use. I imported my or so references into Mendeley and encountered the same single-clicking task as you. Also, for references, JabRef is an excellent choice. Nothing looked obviously wrong at first glance, and yet there were glaring errors where work of one author was now referenced to another not the right author person! This also makes me able to be machine agnostic so if my hardware dies i just install and let it sync, then i am ready to work. I just started with it a month or so ago but I love the search functions and the way it keeps records of where data was found along with webpages.

This is much better than Endnote Web, which I found to have a clunky web interface and no good word processor integration unless you pay. Had over references in my thesis and zotero never let me down. He watched me struggle with three computers home, office and laptop and decided the way I was working was inefficient you have to love the way geeks think. Creating annotated bibliographies Most major citation styles have a format for annotated bibliographies. Take your handbag to the shop with you so you can test out how it will travel. I moved to RefWorks as I could get a free account through uni and it would load my EN bibliography automatically. Citation info tags along when I copy from Citavi to the word processor, and later Citavi magically formats it all correctly and builds a works cited based on citations.

Additionally, Zotero will install a plugin to your word processor that zotedo you to insert and format citations and bibliographies within your paper. Yes, the learning threshold is higher, but in return I actually get what I asked for, mysterious errors do not happen, I can use SVN et co. For my money, Sente is sounding like a winner.


Their customer service is usually good, and the support page has loads of topics to browse. Guess I am not too late for a PhD!

Hopefully, things have improved. The best combination in my mind! Mendeley sounds tempting, but somewhere, perhaps in an earlier post, I read that it has the same problem of removing highlighting from PDFs. Having just spent a day trying to transform a Zoteo doc into word to submit to a journal, I am never going there….

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I asked him to share his story … I must begin by saying I am a very conservative person. I annotate and note-take in Mendeley, copy the important information to Citavi, and copy from Citavi to my word processor. Thanks for your reply and thanks also to the Thesis Whisperer who deserves a big hug. A good bibliography is a thing of beauty Julia. Importing references Working on research proposals and theses can be time consuming.

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So far no luck, but at least I found an interesting blog, thesiz I guess I will have to take my husband more seriously when he urges me to switch to Mendeley. You are commenting using your WordPress. A third option, which went through years of bugs but is apparently now OK, is Papers papersapp. Does funny things, throws lots of warnings and error messages.

thesis whisperer zotero

To store my academic papers I use Papers 3 for the Mac for personal whisprer that I outline herebut I can highly recommend Zotero as a free alternative. Research — getting started Crystal’s Research Blog. I faced some problems as it conflicts with antiviruses in the computer but helpline are useful and they solve all your problems.


Great post, any advice on diagramming tools for PhDs?

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This lack of basic features is frustrating on a daily basis. I must begin by saying I am a very conservative person.

thesis whisperer zotero

I am actually now re-thinking using it. A bit rushed for time re the deadline to submit the Project, not sure of the next step; from the above forum, Mendeley, Whiisperer, Citavi if Mac-ready?

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He contacted us offering to share his experiences of a referencing management system called Zotero. As a grad student you may have different whispersr than a professional writer, an undergrad student, or a librarian. You also need to remember to work with unformatted citations when merging documents together such as moving thesis chapters together into one document.

Well, since you bring it up. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I have certainly never had a crash. Still, if I were starting over I would give it a serious look.

Scrivener for windows is less featured than its Mac sibling and bookends is Mac only. My digital life needed some order and routine so I turned again to Twitter with my wish list for a new reference manager.

Just a follow-up as someone who is a paid EndNote and Sente customer: Sente was the best for quick responses, but that was only in my experience and from a couple of years ago.