Background of the Study There are various factors inside and outside school that contribute for the quality of academic performance of students. The researchers also used the final grade in Mathematics of the students in the school year to correlate this to the IPCRF rating of the Mathematics. The findings were from the analyses and results obtained from chapter 4. The findings of this study may help students to heighten their will to learn and strive hard. ANOVA is used to test general rather than specific differences among means. The method applied in the study was the descriptive-correlational type.

In a population of 43 Mathematics Teacher, more than half of the population, or Understanding Teachers’ Impact on Student Achievement: It presented the venue of the study as well as the target population. In the current policy climate of standards-based reform, these findings make a strong case for gaining a better understanding of what really accounts for these effects. Female having a mean of The vision of the Department of Education is to promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based, and complete basic education. Be consistent and fair.

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Their low achievers responses to the questionnaire reveal that they are too dependent on their textbooks, thus fail to explore other possibilities to make chemistry concepts more interesting to students. Abulog, and also to the aid of the registrar office, Sir Jeyson G.

Barangay 1, Nasugbu, Batangas airalimboc yahoo. Since the p-value is greater than the level of significance 0.

They gathered data from the respondents using the Expost facto correlation design secondary data. Female students performed better in Mathematics than male. Recommendations Based on the foregoing findings and conclusions, the following recommendations are suggested: What is the Academic Achievement of the students in Mathematics?


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According to Hanesas cited in Farooq, et al. The results of this study may be helpful for the school administrators for it provides guides and techniques that can contribute to tbesis policy actions concerning teachers.

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Mesa, Manila August This was used in the profile of the Teacher-respondents to determine their performance when grouped according to their gender and position, as well as in the profile of the student-respondents to determine their academic achievements when grouped according to their gender and year level.

Understanding Teachers’ Impact on Student Achievement: As this study focused on the relationship of the variables, the one way arrow shows the connection of the variables that may be found. Regardless of the gender, a teacher can perform with high satisfaction, but their position greatly affects their rating. What is Senior High School? Quality Education is the very first concern of teaching; even the best- designed curriculum might fail if it is used by the teachers inefficiently.

As a learner-centered institution, Department of Education DepEd is very eager to continuously improve itself in the service of the Filipino learners and the community. University of Benin, Nigeria Akinsolu, A. It presented the venue of the study as well as the target population. It was shown in Appendix 14 that the mean of academic achievement of Grade 10 was apart from the mean of Grade 7, Grade 8, and Grade 9. Too often, personal opinions or biases contaminate the evaluation process and undermine the credibility and trust necessary for meaningful dialogue about instruction.

Philippine schools race to curriculum with overcrowding. The method applied in the study was the descriptive-correlational type. The least computed mean was in the position of Teacher I, having the latter of 3.

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Lastly, teachers still need to improve their teaching skills, methods and strategies to engage the students more in the teaching-learning process.


In pyp it reflects that the Academic Achievement of the students does have a Significant Difference when they are grouped according to their gender. In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary for the educators to have a clear understanding about the factors that may contribute in the academic success of the students.

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The IPCRF of the teachers will be used in identifying the performance of the teacher for its relationship with the academic achievement of the students.

A significant difference in the Academic achievement of students in Mathematics with respect to their year level has been found. Coec three thousand seven hundred seventy, or Mesa, Manila Academic Year V.

Inthe school had 43 Mathematics teachers for the population of students. Medardo Dela Cruz, for accommodating the researchers during the data gathering; To the BSEd MT D and their friends for giving them words of encouragement and happiness while doing this study and also for their prayers to sustain them; To the College of Education Reading Center, headed by Mrs. DepEd believed that there is a need to concretize that connection between the organizational goals and the performance management system.

Under this independent variable, the teachers were grouped according to their gender and teaching position, to be able to see if there is a difference between the rating of the teachers and each of the sub-variables. F- P- Mean S.