Journal of Sanskrit Samhita Siddhanta , Vol 2 4: Since we are planning to publish the other findings of this study as a separate communication the details such as the study design, validation of the tool, sampling procedure, etc. This was confirmed using the Grubb’s test. However, on what basis a single tissue is considered to be excellent and others not, is not clear. Observations of Manasa Vibhrama Pariksha Click here to view. This enables a researcher to further classify the study sample into three equal categories of

A clinical study on effect of Brahmi Ghrita on depression. Dhatu Sarata is one such domain where no substantial work has been carried out to address these issues. Several questions are being raised regarding the accuracy of the methods of diagnosis and reporting of various clinical parameters according to Ayurveda in recent times. Observations of chief complaints Click here to view. Vicious cycle of relationship of lifestyle-stress-premature ageing Click here to view.

As the results show, the overall extent of Sarataexpressed as weighted mean scores, positively correlated with all these parameters, the correlation being statistically significant in each case. Listen to the best Dhatu Sarata shows.

thesis on dhatu sarata

The center of stress was found to be at personal level in all patients; at family level in Therefore, the total scores allotted to each Dhatu had to be different. A review of the literature. Looking for someone with the first name Sarata?


For example, Tvak Sara had a total of 16 characters. Conflicts of interest There are no conflicts of interest.

thesis on dhatu sarata

Gunawat CP, Gehlot S. With thanks to contributions by Dr. This proves the link of Manasa affecting Sharira and vice versa with reference to modern contemporary concept of psycho-neuro endocrinology. Chaukhambha Surabharati Prakashana, Varanasi, Reliability studies of diagnostic methods in Indian traditional Ayurveda medicine: Many of us are thinking about New Thesiss resolutions.

Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, Mumbai, ;p. Observational study on external social and lifestyle related factors and their role in pathogenesis of premature ageing and stress. Examination of the Sarata of Dhatu is helpful for the preventive and curative aspect i.

Weighted mean: A possible method to express overall Dhatu Sarata

Dhatusarata is described with respect to Sapta Dhatu viz. The diagnosed patients of premature ageing were subjected to specialized proforma enlisting all the factors as well as ageing scale, Manasa Bhava Pariksha, and Manasa Vibhrama Pariksha. In the available research literature, there are several gaps while dealing with and reporting the clinical assessment of Dhatu.

Financial support and sponsorship Banaras Hindu University. A clinical study on effect of Brahmi Ghrita on depression. Table 1 summarizes all these possibilities based on the sample that we have studied.

Physiological adjustments to stress measures following massage therapy: It may be noted that when such a correlation is explored for individual Sarqta scores, the overall Sarata remains unexposed, and the present method helps in overcoming this problem. Essay about single moms ionic covalent and metallic bonds essays eight modern essayists thesis statement for research paper on Sanskrit language roop essay Dhatu. Considering the functional aspect of Ojas only Dharana. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.


This prompted us to think in terms of weighted mean scores to represent the overall Sarata of an individual.

thesis on dhatu sarata

For parameters of beauty, we can dig into the information provided in the dhatu sarata lakshanas indications of excellent tissue quality described in the texts. Journal of Sanskrit Samhita SiddhantaVol 2 4: J Clin Psychiatry ; Abstract Several questions are being raised regarding the accuracy pn the methods of diagnosis and reporting of various clinical parameters thessis to Ayurveda in recent times. Examination of sarata is done at physical. How to Find Weighted Mean.

Study of dhatu sarata and its association with blood indices on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.