Morel gave up his job as shipping officer in to start the human rights campaign that later involved other influential people like Mark Twain and these enlightened souls along with some missionaries helped unmask Leopold’s megalomaniac activities in Congo. From the official records, Leopold argued that the only barrier to prosperity in central Africa was the Arab slave trade — a phenomenon that must be stopped. Viscount de Lesseps, for one declared Leopold’s plans “the greatest humanitarian work of this time. His legacies are as follows: Leopold realized that if he could pretend to be involved in humanitarian work in Africa, he would be allowed unlimited access to Congo which he could later explore, exploit and colonize. They had no idea how imperialists worked and how they had always used the same ploy in every colony of the world including India where they had entered as traders of East India Company.

The middle chapters of the book dealt with the main opponent of the Congo government. Henry Stanley, a known advocate of African colonization, wrote a general account of the African life. He wanted to exploit the treasures of some unchartered territory and Congo appeared to be the most suitable place on earth. According to them, Congo was: It is impossible to digest that they were completely unaware of Leopold’s activities, it is however more plausible that they turned a blind eye because they considered Africans less than human and hence not worthy of their attention or interest: Macmillan Publishing Company,

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Many people who worked in these plantations lost their arms, legs, and noses because most of the equipment used were unsafe.

In any system of terror, the functionaries must first see the victims theesis less than human, and Victorian ideas about race provided such a foundation. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? The deep prejudice of Stanley towards the people of Africa can be shown in his later writings.


King Leopold’s Ghost Pages: In his final remark of release, Leopold said that he was not intimidated with the act of handing over kint colony; however, he clarified that none of his actions would get into history books. He declared that he wanted to open Congo: Accessed May 22, Instead of liberating the country from slave traders, Leopold turned it into a virtual slave land where tesis tribe was forced to work for Leopold under sub-human conditions.

A Critical Book Review.

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Doing this openly however was certain to upset both the Belgian people and the major powers of Europe. Retrieved May 22,from https: They believed that these were friendly agreements for trade cooperation and did not really understand what they said.

Many people died from starvation and disease. Thus although the book is about Leopold, readers learn his story through the works of protestors to his rule who worked tirelessly in ensuring that information left the Congo to find ears across the world, especially Europe.

But Leopold had no desire to bring civilization to the area as he had claimed. In any case, his death did not signal the end of oppression in Congo. How about receiving a customized one? And secondly, people in imperial world wanted to believe that uplift work was the main reason colonies had been established.

This means at least million people lost their lives during this horrible episode. theiss

In order to prove that his plans were legitimate, he sought approval of major powers around the world and it is extremely unfortunate that United States was the first country that eagerly accepted Leopold’s presence in Congo. The plan thus worked brilliantly and everything went thesix to Leopold’s wishes.


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Give us a try. Most of his life was devoted to denouncing the evils of European imperialism in Africa. It was impossible to inculcate Western values because the Congo people saw it as the driving force of oppression. He would gain fame and more importantly an important economic base in Africa. Stanley advised him that such approach was the most appropriate. Within the book, the reader learns of a few individuals, who held various interests against King Leopold II.

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Upon acquiring Congo, Leopold proceeded to institute repressive administration tasked to extract wealth from the country. How to cite this page Choose cite format: There are missionaries and explorers moving from northern parts of Africa into the hinterland and setting up colonies.

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Here, the reader learns of slave labor, which sets pace for the other atrocities exposed by Hochshchild Hochschild The control of information was stronger reason for Leopold’s unbridled exploitation of Congo.

He noticed that instead of educational supplies and other material needed for humanitarian work, hhost of the things that were being shipped to Congo included bullets, chains and guns.

thesis king leopolds ghost

Accessed May 22,