In other research, educational psychologist Eunsook Hong, PhD, of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, found that while some students always use self-monitoring strategies, others use them inconsistently across different subjects and situations. Recommendations Based on the findings and conclusions of the study the following are hereby recommended for the improvement of the project: Acquisition of motor skills Egocentricism begins strongly and then weakens. New Delhi Blumenthal, D. Time behavior It has acceptable response and processing time and Efficiency throughput rates.

Vygotsky’s emphasis was on the learner’s environment and the learner’s interactions with other people through the use of language. Recent Post by Page. E-mail Back to log-in. Every inch of this event comes from you all! Organizing the lecture can be done in a number of different ways; the most appropriate will depend on the subject itself as well as the lecturer’s personal approach.

To integrate innovations on the following criteria: The data gathering instrument that was used to gather data are interview, survey and observation. It means the software used by the proponent in developing and designing the existing manual system. Some of the more prominent strategies are outlined below.

It also defines rules to validate exmaple manipulate this data.

One factor in the effectiveness is its user-friendliness. Specifically, this study sought answers to the following questions: Output — how it generates morbidity and medication report as well as the pages would look like.

In the part of the student, it was time consuming in finding the consultation records manually by the staff nurse. FACT can also be used to evaluate the results of interventions. Observations The observation was also been an excellent source of data.


Results of the acceptability test of the system The developed system was evaluated in terms of the software quality factors such as follows: Techniques The manner and ability of the researcher to employ the technical skills in designing thesix system using Perl Hypertext Preprocessor PHP programming language and using a Cascading Style Sheets. Functionality is a set of attributes that bear on the capability to provide functions which meet stated and implied needs when the software is exam;le.

It resolved hundreds of information needed by patients and doctors each day. It is the page wherein the clinic staffs and clinic administrator shoul enter a valid username and password in order to enter into the system.

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System theory is a philosophical doctrine of describing systems as abstract organizations independent of examlpe, type, time and space. The body of the lecture must, of course, be well organized.

It will serve as a reference to their future studies and research.

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Students at the beginning of the semester may be more enthusiastic than during the last week of classes. May 14, Boston, et. The speaker can convey personal enthusiasm edample a way that no book or other media can. Maintainability is a set of attributes that bear on the capability to modified for purposes of making corrections, exajple, or adaption. Concepts and procedures of general description, analysis, and classifications are discussed and illustrated in considerable detail.

This leads to the boundaries between individual products’ functionality becoming more difficult to define and that several individual medical devices and non- medical devices are interconnected, which in some sense can create a new functionality that may not have been intended from the beginning.


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This health services includes the consultations, medical referral, medical certificates and medical history registration. It is a process of identification in which the case is either wholly theis mainly describes in works with respect to its physical and performance attributes. In this stage, the proponent used a logical and physical design sub-phases.

The respondents encountered problems based on the experiences inside the clinic. The respondents evaluated the system as very acceptable in terms of Learnability and Operability except for the term Understandability that evaluated as acceptable.

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In fact, constructivism is a theory describing how learning happens, regardless of whether learners are using their experiences to understand a lecture or following the instructions for building a model airplane. It was distributed to seven 7 respondents that can be an end user of the system and another five 5 respondents from IT professionals.

Skip to main content. The system was also designed to arrange all the necessary files that the patient or the staff needs. These resources are the data, hardware, and software that share a communication line or wireless link.

thesis example olfu

Research Design The descriptive method was used in this study.