Does he know anyone in the US Air Force? Brendon reminds me of that because one time he got everyone in the nation to wear red socks to school. I just sent one of my spies a friend who came over to collect emails and signatures from my friends that go to his school. At a school near the Grand Canyon, a genius-level student invents a machine that can do his homework, and shares this with the other three kids he sits with. They went to the principal’s office and talked for a bit. Other than that, my son thought it was a great book and that’s what matters to me. Aritani yes it is at northwoods mall.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman. The whole thing starts because Sam is anti-homework, especially the daily fill in-the-blank worksheets his first-year teacher Miss Rasmussen hands out. He invented the machine to create spare time for himself. Facebook Twitter Email Print. Does he know anyone in the US Air Force? They have the fallacy that if their homework is done for them, life will become easier.

Review: The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman

Four kids all have a last name that begins with a D so they are called the D Squad. Judy, a talented student, feels guilty about cheating, but is pressured to excel. The four kids begin using the machine to do all their homework and their teacher, Miss Rasmussen, gets suspicious when all of their work is suddenly perfect.


After a while the teachers found out that they invented a homework machine and it was on the school newspaper.

The Homework Machine by Lexi Arana on Prezi

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. I love this book so much By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This site uses cookies.

There are touches of humor in the way the four classmates talk about themselves and one another. Join me on Facebook.

Review: The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman – Literature Young Adult Fiction

It worked out because they were getting interviewed hkmework telling the whole story at the same time. It didn’t take us long to know who was talking and who they each were.

This book was a good one that I’d recomend for kids ages It’s a great story, with SO much for discussion. Put it in your lesson plan. The things that Kelsey does: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

the homework machine by dan gutman summary

Sep 12, McKenzie McMullen added it. When Brenton and his three classmates are assigned to the same study group by their first-year teacher, the others discover that Brenton has created a time-saving gadget to do his homework for him. I have something for you to be stay tuned for, actually. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The title also made me curious and eager to read it.


I read this book with my fifth-grader, and he loved it! They have the fallacy that if their homework is done for them, life will become easier. They all hate homework! The 4 main characters are Sam, Judy, Brenton and Kelsey.

The Homework Machine

He didn’t like doing homework nor did the other members of the D squad so they invented a homework machine. Questions readers can think about as they read include: Dan Gutman Page Gutmann Has Dan Gutman ever been to Arizona? After a while, their teacher got suspicious about their grades.

After reading this book I am almost voracious for more Dan Gutman.

the homework machine by dan gutman summary

All of the Above. I wouldn’t recommend this book to you. Can they keep their secret?

the homework machine by dan gutman summary