Managing the Channel Tunnel– Lessons Learned. Some special design had been used not only in the wagons but also in the tunnels. In this sense, the bid risk was again minimized as the same consortium internalized it. The trains could change tunnels through two artificial caverns known as the English and French Crossovers. Following the choice of the Channel Tunnel proposal, the scope of the project was defined as a linkage to connect transportation networks of France and the UK. Project control specialists were introduced for the roles of Tests on Completion Director and Commercial Directors, among others. The tunnels were to be constructed with the help of 13, engineers, technicians and workers.

A large part of the struggles were do to inflexibility of some characteristics of the project, and cross-cultural exchange between 2 countries. The Inception phase discusses the history of the target project, its main goals and the procedures that resulted in the choice of the Channel Tunnel as the solution. While the scale of the project was understandably difficult to plan for, there were obvious oversights in the planning and detailing during the definition phase. Notify your administrator of your interest. In this case, the need for ventilation in the tunnels was not addressed in the design phase, and was not catered for in the scheduling or costs.

Skip to main content. These had been promised by the xase to help him win the bid. However, the team recommends that regardless of the physical work locations, the managerial team should be unified, if not geographically, then at least technologically e.

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As such, important details like the need for air-conditioning in the tunnel were not designed and cost- estimated until towards the end of construction, resulting in both delays and significant extra costs. The refinancing had to be pursued, should negative variances in time and cost estimates occur. The chief executive had nine directors under him, including the non-technical departments such as auditing.


Knovel subscription is supported by Knovel Guest Usage. As such, cost overruns were almost inevitable and these also contributed to the high number of claims disputes at the end of the project.

The Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) Project Case Study

History The history cwse the Channel Tunnel began more than a few centuries ago. Tunnel Excavation At the beginning of excavation,progress suffered as a result of some poor characteristics of the gray chalk, coupled with a great quantity of water influx. But for the construction of the world’s longest underwater tunnel, this oversight proved costly.

The government was prohibited from regulating prices except in monopolies.

View Section, Table of Contents. The impact of these risks are elaborated below. Actual Proposal After years of deliberating, the two governments finally came to an agreement in Try Our Mobile App. Also known as Data Search, find materials and properties information from technical references. Due to the nature of the bi-national working arrangement, as well as the binding requirements of the Treaty of Canterbury and the IGCthere was significant scope creep throughout the lifetime of the project.

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In fact, this second-sighted plot worked very well so that the constructors could find out the problems as soon as possible and even test the solutions. The conflict between IGC and contractors is a good example of that.


Road tunnel and R ail tunnel. The overall study was researched and loosely compiled with the following chunenl From experience, it is also seen that having a charismatic leader is vastly beneficial for teams with ambitious goals. The delay in chunnek led to a corresponding delay in purchases and procurements.

The equivalent of this cunnel in the Channel Tunnel project would have been an IPT that had representatives from the national governments instead of a separate IGCtechnical experts, and project leads from both Eurotunnel and TML. The Channel Tunnel as a Role Model.

the chunnel project case study pmp

If not for delays from the management side e. The other significant changes in the project had happened mostly in the last parts stuyd its planning. The following table details the breakdown of the yearly estimate for chunmel year Teamwork and communication were broken down into several key areas. Warning signs of rolling stock had not yet been designed vehicle and freight cars. However, the financial and technical reports were skimmed for valuable insights to correspond technical details to project management issues.

Besides the coordination of all the stakeholders, the service tunnel played an important role in the tunnel excavation. The quality management of the student project was handled at two levels.

Conservatives were firm believers of the benefit of free markets.