I think she brings up very valid points, I even caught the humor in it myself. Or if you need this sample for free, we can send it to you via email. I also think it makes his story much stronger and more convincing. The fact that he went through every single one of these struggles, run-ins, and devious acts makes his story very convincing. And then he notices all the people that just glare at him in disgust. Not only are their lives different they also are ably to cheat the systems as it says, “I’d ignore the velvet ropes and go straight to the teller. He invites the reader to simply trust him.

He lived this story and so their isn’t much way to argue against it. For a lot of people it is safe to say that the biggest advantage they get in daily life is getting to park closer to places where they are wanting to go. Almost like you stole the words right out of my mouth. I also think it makes his story much stronger and more convincing. People with wheelchairs are given the benefit of the doubt the majority of the time. If this information was not provided we, as an audience, would not realize how much ‘special treatment’ he gets and would not realize the impact his disability has on him.

Don’t get me wrong i do feel like they thd at a disadvantage and I feel sorry for them when I see them wheeling themselves around.

I do not know how you could not be convinced by this. I don’t necessarily think that this pecking order is a bad thing, in fact I believe it is right to let others go before you.

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It is not accurate to say that every person in a wheelchair can get away with smuggling Cuban cigars. His examples definitely show an interesting side to his life.


I agree that Birnbaum does test the limits of his situation and privileges. The examples provided in this story are relatable enough that the reader more clearly understands the story. I thought it was weird that he focused on the stuff he gains from having a disability instead of the disadvantages from it. We see this perfectly when he cuts in front of a blind person and gets a major wake up call. He thought he could get away with whatever he wanted.

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the catbird seat david birnbaum thesis

Your conclusions about the story and Birnbaums person experiences is well written. I found it interesting that you had to specify “pregnant ladies” typically we assume only women get pregnant. Cashing a check at Chase, I’d ignore the velvet ropes and go straight to a teller. I think she birrnbaum up very valid points, I even caught the humor in it myself.

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I disagree that he has learned to accept his quadriplegia, although he has found ways to cope. I agree with you; he lives most of his davic taking advantage of others generosity and cares nothing for what is right and what is morally wrong.

Reprimand — A rebuke, esp. I found your hhesis very similiar to that of everyones else. It changes the way people look at him and the way he is treated.

The Catbird Seat

Some people might question is position in this essay but he clearly shows his points. I enjoy the part where you say “they need someone to open their eyes”. It is very possible because he provides no other views from other people to back up his own words. I agree with how you think his experiences make his essay more convincing. However, Birnbaum writes on a topic that most people have background information on.


I agree that some people do take advantage of others sympathy and this story has a message behind the fact that people are willing to go out of their way to help someone with a disability.

the catbird seat david birnbaum thesis

There may be many people all over the world getting treated poorly because of their handicaps. He uses is as an advantage but by being rude. I think his personal experiences make his essay much more convincing. I think that his examples are funny, and relevant, and bring up good and valid points that handicapped people really are viewed differently than the rest of the world. His personal experience shows many cabtird details.

the catbird seat david birnbaum thesis

He lived through the problems of being a handicapped person, and we tge accurately dig through what others in his situation might be feeling. But there are still people that treat them the same as everyone else. It lets the reader bkrnbaum the true emotions of Birnbaum and makes it more personal than just an outsider looking in and making possibly false inferences.

I do agree that his personal stories helped the essay as well. He invites the reader to simply trust him.