Thesis binding imperial college. It is the responsibility of the parent to keep this information up to date. This is considered a felony. Parents are required to fill a health status update at the start of each school year. Late arrival to class during the day. In case a parent wouldlike to discuss future issues or inquires about their children they need to contact the appropriateadministrative office to set an appointment with their children teachers. Major accidents that require hospitalization are dealt with depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Technical Support Update Student Records. Research essay about breast cancer. During the process of planning for an extended absence, parents and students should understand that teachers cannot possibly, in all cases, re-teach the lesson nor provide make-up assignments to cover all the materials that were missed. It is the school policy to selectively admit any student who completelyfills all the application information along with all necessary documents for registration andsuccessfully passes the entrance interview and examination. Social Workersmay organize and facilitate Child Study Team meetings and will coordinate follow-up on anyrecommended action. It usually involves an abuse of or an imbalance of power.

Suspension of bus privileges for ten school days.

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If the accident is severe that the student requires immediate hospitalization, T. Long hair is not allowed for boys. Students are our highest priority. Since a student presumably needs to attend the full term to receive proper learning, it is reasonable to expect that the extended absences will usually result in a lower grade.


A team meeting is to occur between the teachers, child, and parentsto establish a proactive plan for the student to be successful. The curriculum of the Upper School includes: The sports uniform shouldbe worn during the P.

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Under no circumstances will a final exam be administered before thescheduled date of the exam. Essay on julius caesar assassination. Scgool possible, please makemedical and dental appointments agehda school hours.

If a student is expelled from the school bus, the student will no longer be allowed to use this servicefor the rest of the year, or the coming school year. Mobile phones are strictly forbidden for Primary School students.

Do not disturb teachers in their classes. Students should write their names, classes, and sections on all question sheets, answer sheets, and scratch papers using a pen only.

Health and immunization records are required and maintained for every student. South korea research paper topics.

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First termbegins in August and ends in January. Mt educare maths homework solutions. Our Vision To passionately deliver a unique academic experience that prepares our students to be socially responsible leaders in global communities and highly self-motivated learners in prestigious universities worldwide.

In cases of emergency where parents are going to be late in collecting their children, the school has to be notified and late children will be assigned to designated waiting areas. Outstanding Lebanese Students Honored. Admission Office Admission Office is open daily from On this day, students are allowed to wear clothes other than the uniform as long as they comply with the dress code, shorts, miniskirts and sleeveless shirts are NOT allowed. Teachers on duty will line up students and avoid congestion during break times.


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Boys’ hair should be short and neat. Essay on uses of trees and thamee. Hair must be clean and neat. Students will not participate in any school activities or attend any trips for the term. National junior honor society essay scholarship.

If a student is absent from a final exam a grade of Zero will be given and no make-up examwill be assigned. Selling food will stop 5 minutes before break dismissal time. A student may be admitted to T.

Thamer international school homework agenda

Class parties are most commonly held to mark the end of a term or the end of an academic year. To be signed by all Upper School parents and students.

thamer international school homework agenda

How to make an outline for internahional research paper mla. Parents are required to fill a health status update at the start of each school year.