So, how would they start to implement change? This also includes what the company expects out of the employees and what the employees expect out of the company. Finally, they could also make the event fun by doing things like bowling, laser tagging, miniature golf et cetera. Log In Sign Up. Since it is an event that takes place after work, there is the issue of drinking and then driving home afterwards. Bill is seeing this in a new light; he is concerned of the liability issues that will arise from intoxicated employees especially as the firm grows. An employee may not be comfortable to change because they are not able to face to the problem.

Quantum Software is affected via their employee atmosphere within the workplace. How about receiving a customized one? An analysis detailed of job should offer full information on job description, job specification like authority, responsibility, pay scale. Quantum could ask every worker to do a breathalyzer test and sign a waiver before going home, leaving no liability to Quantum. Bill Carter, cooperate attorney sees the value of the beer fests however as the company is growing so is the liability issues.

Bill Carter is the cooperate attorney and he is concerned about liability issues.

The beer bust allows all employees to mingle regardless of duty and position which will eventually create problems in leadership and professionalism. An employee may not be comfortable to change because they are not able to face to the problem. This has left tgf organization faced with great challenges in managing associates retention.

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OD is based on behavioral science concepts and its aims are to improve both the work quality qauntum of individuals and improve the effectiveness of organizations, with a direct or indirect focusing on education.


Stan and Erin do not see the negative outcome of the beer fest; they believe the beer fest is one of the reasons that Quantum is so successful. If you keep your staff over worked the beer fest can only go so far, you will have tgiff employees and a decrease in quality production.

I would recommend that they either limit the alcohol to one or two drinks per person, or cut out alcohol completely.

Finally, there is another alternative which instead of having beer bashes to just give the workers every weekend afternoon off to do with what they like. Dave was a new communication manger of the NoGo railroad his responsibility was to operate the communication operations by 2 group work of unionized employees: We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The system in which the Human Resources Department uses is seriously affected.

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Instead of beer bash Friday, Quantum should have a monthly happy hour at a local bar, and caase the work load they have and hire the appropriate amount of people so that the employees have normal working hours of 40 hours a week.

Accessed May cxse, They need to hire more staff to handle the demands of this growing company. The systems in place which lead to its success is in jeopardy. Bill brings upon the driving force toward change because of his concern that the company will be liable for any damage that may occur. Employees are working sixteen hours days and six days a week.

There is a possibility of misunderstanding between Stan, Erin and Bill during communication.

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Change is upon them now as it is a cost concern. The contract in the communication department stipulated that women could not work directly with radio communication and train crews. By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.


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Bill saw one employee fall on to a table and no one seemed alarmed by it, in fact they clapped for him. This will be difficult, because the organizational culture, which is formed out of the working relationships, the interactions, value systems and behaviors, has been set for three years Brown If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.

Macro HR is basically the strategic function of Human Resource in a particular work environment. The macro problems are as mentioned: Quantum had a lot of success in the previous years of its While that is a positive point it comes with some responsibilities.

Quantum seems to be highly under staffed and is asking employees to work 16 hour days 6 days a week. In my opinion, he is only trying to protect them from harm and potential lawsuits.

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tgif case study quantum software

quantim They are worried that the change may harm damaging effect to the organization. The culture at Quantum has been successfully effective for three years. New hires are in turn affected, because if the culture is not what it once was, it could become more difficult to get great talent hired.