A pair of queens. Later that evening, Blanche is alone, drinking to escape the polka music which once more has entered her mind. Blanche could have avoided a downfall if she stayed head strong and been able to control her sexual desires for younger men. In the exposition of the play Blanche arrives in her new environment and does not feel very comfortable when she sees how her sister lives. I would say that a psychological therapy in the middle of the play had rescued Blanche from her final disaster. She asks him to put a paper lantern over the bedroom light bulb: And finally there are given some general interpretations in connection with Blanche.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. And for all upper refinement, Blanche is drawn to Stanley’s emphatic virility at the same that she is petrified of his brutish aggressiveness. Blanche tries to change the way Stella and Stanley lived by decorating their house and re-arranging the furniture. Blanche goes on a search for guys who would fulfill her desire, yet she never gets an adequate amount, so she moves on. Repressed and courtly Mitch, Stanley’s one decent friend and Blanche’s last chance at happiness, rejects her as insensitively as she rejected her husband.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Blanche goes on a search for guys who would fulfill her desire, yet she never gets an adequate amount, so she moves on. Blanche du Bois, is a perfect example of a character who’s tragic flaw ultimately leads to her downfall in the end, and Stanley Kowalski is a character who’s flaws hinder Blanche and in the end bring her down.

She depends on men although she says to Stella that Stanley is not good for her happiness; however she thinks that men will lead to her recovery like contacting Shep Huntleigh for financial help however this means that her fate is in the hands of others.


streetcar named desire blanches downfall essay

In the 3rd scene, part of the rising action in the play, another proof of her duality is given. Table of contents 1. Alan could not cope with his inability to help Blanche and committed suicide. Williams showed that Stanley is a vicious man who will not tolerate blanchws trying to takeover his powerful position in the family and he showed this to Blanche, which caused her downfall, however it is clear that Blanche would have had a downfall at some stage anyway, Stanley was like a catalyst in her downfall.

She was fooling herself; this is a weakness in her character which Williams created. Strdetcar section contains words approx. After that we have a closer look at the play considering the plot structure. The tragic heroes are contrasted from others in the play by their flaws that lead to their ultimate downfall in the end.

Secondary Sources -Bloom, Harald ed.

Scene 4 opens with the dramatic contrast between Stella and Blanche. And so nobody could realize that somebody next to him or her is deeply mentally injured. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.

Blanche went through several relations with soldiers of a nearby camp and finally had a relation to a seventeen year old schoolboy. Some weeks later, in the final scene, the conclusion, Stella is packing Blanche’s things in the bedroom while Stanley and his friends play poker in the kitchen. She is a character all about the luxuries of life, she is running away from her past and does not want to face reality that she does not have the fortune she once had.

How about receiving a customized one? In the play A Streetcar Named Desire, Blaanches Williams gives the main characters of the story tragic flaws which ultimately bring them down. Frederic Ungar Publishing co. So was Blanche her own worst enemy or was it down to Stanley?


She used her beauty to get what she wanted but this beauty began to fade leaving her with a broken weapon set. She contributes to esszy own downfall after she does not get enough desire as she wants, she moves on tarnishing her reputation along the way… Blanche was even fired as an English teacher for having an affair with a 17 year old student.

Was Stanley responsible for the downfall of blanche? – A Street car named desire.

Conclusion Blanche and Stanley are protagonist and antagonist in Streetcarand yet Williams’ play is not a simple picture of victim and villain. A young man comes to collect newspapers while she is waiting.

Yet on the other hand it could be interpreted that Stanley wanted to use her since the start for interrupting his private life and criticising it.

Williams created Blanche as a character that lost her family business and death of her husband therefore became very promiscuous with a lot of desire for attention, sex, money and love. Moved by her story, Mitch proposes to Blanche. The revelation of Blanche’s sordid past seals her fate. That is the turning point for Blanche in this drama.

streetcar named desire blanches downfall essay

A Streetcar Named Desire. This desire arises because of her constant loneliness which she puts up with after her husband’s tragic death.

A Streetcar Named Desire Essay | Essay

Just “to quite her nerves” 5 like she told her sister Stella but it “is a nominal gesture of guilt and wished-for redemption. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot!

streetcar named desire blanches downfall essay

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