From left to right: The company is a leading producer in the can and bottle industry. April 13 is deadline for YSU essay contest. I will never feel bored in my majors because statistics can be applied to anything. He believes students learn better experientially. Jared Vanasdale is a junior mechanical engineering student at YSU.

Awarded to junior or senior students who have shown academic excellence in the physical sciences. Ultimately, the invention will create less downtime between the production of tires and increase the efficiency during the process of building the tires as well. Jared initially filed an Invention Disclosure to ensure the invention could not be taken and claimed first by another company. Newer Post Interaction designer lectures, presents workshops on campus. Genna has a research team of 3 master students and 6 undergraduate students. He is participating in undergraduate research with Dr.

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stocks essay ysu

Ekoniak specializes in the integration of teaching engineering and technical and professional skills. They also placed first in display, construction speed, and stiffness.

Kasich names YSU junior to Board of Trustees

Nguyet Nguyen, assistant professor, Mathematics and Statistics, authored two papers published last fall. Elsevier, Publication Citation: He was a co-op student while he was studying for his undergraduate degree esswy became an embedded software engineer after graduating. It helps to regulate passive tension in the muscle cells, keeps the sarcomere structure order during contraction cycles.

Some of these projects include the expansion of the food pantry, stlcks in the community, the gathering of supplies for hurricane victims, textbook affordability, and improving voter registration rates on campus.


Youngstown engineering departments range from chemical, civil, and electrical engineering to materials science, engineering technology, and computer science, providing a strong foundation for any number of promising careers. Faculty, professional staff and alumni who have achieved scholarly distinction also qualify. He hopes to use these skills to better the students and faculty at YSU.

Kasich names YSU junior to Board of Trustees – Metro Monthly

She will return to Youngstown in mid-August. It is a major meeting for manufacturers and distributors of scientific instrumentation and materials. Brian Duricy is a fourth-year mathematics and economics major with a political science and philosophy minor.

Before graduate school, Dr. Each piece of the model must be connected with a metal bolt. This month in STEM, we would like to highlight and congratulate two outstanding stokcs who have recently received national recognition for their academics. Lean Six Sigma deals primarily with non-numerical issues like efficiency, getting rid of wastes by eliminating what you can, and improving the workplace.

If they can figure out the synthesis issue in the materials, they can potentially develop a system that will cause less impact on the environment. Therefore, the investigation conducted is significant, since it sheds light on the use of CT in many aspects of education. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. You can read about Andy and his scholarship here. Dillon will not be teaching any courses.


On Monday, April 23, undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in STEM programs were recognized for their hard work in the classroom as well as in the community. Specifically, the Genna Lab researches what happens in solution during the process before the formation of crystals. Given to a first-year eszay major who has demonstrated outstanding academic quality.

Month: April 2018

His goal in the upcoming years is to finish this software and pitch it to the MAC for them to potentially utilize. Awarded to a junior or senior math major, preferably a veteran or someone actively involved with CURMath. Follow Metro via Email Enter your email address to follow and receive notifications usu new posts by email.

stocks essay ysu

The team had some ambient light interference they were actually spotlights! The STEM Showcase is an annual event highlighting our students and the projects they have worked hard on all year.

stocks essay ysu

The woman was very surprised to find out Angela was an undergraduate! Researchers mix metal and organic starting materials together in solution, resulting in a formation of crystals. It was an important event to share ideas and views with other scholars working in the field. The website also has links to winning essays from previous years.