Another rite of passage for Spartan eiren was the ritual held at Platanistas. Polytheism and Society at Athens. Skip to main content. Economic and Social History of Ancient Greece: But the situation is made even more complex and deceptive by the fact that these later commentators thought they knew Sparta and its agoge very well.

When a Spartan male reached the age of sixty, he became part of the age class known as gerontes. This article deals with the role of Spartan education as a component of developing the civic sensibilities of its youth. Moreover, ritual and religion were significant to both military and daily activities in Sparta. At ten they were taught music, dancing and athletics. On the one hand, male and female pederasty were quite similar in that the older leader would teach the boys and girls about their eventual roles in society and it was a significant rite of passage to learn about the transition from adolescence to adulthood. What do you think were the key stages of the education of a Spartan youth?

The aim of this rite was to endure the most amount essaj pain, with the least signs of suffering, which was designed to prove the resilience of Spartan youths, and to build upon their moral strength Scanlon, A Companion to Ancient Education. Thus, while the outward dressing or facade was “Archaic and Laconian,” the content was Athenian stoicism. Whilst the youths attempted to steal the cheese, other Spartans would defend the cheese by whipping the youths.

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Indeed, they had personally visited and studied in a place called Sparta, a city on the same location of the ancient city of Sparta, yet arguably only marginally related to the Sparta of Leonidas because by this time Sparta had been governed by different laws for generations. Unit 9; Entry 3: In a seven-part series starting today, I intend to re-examine the evidence we have about the agoge, to identify the elements common in the popular picture of the agoge for which there is NO evidence, and then reconstruct a plausible theory of what the Spartan agoge might have looked like based on evidence, common sense and an understanding of human nature.


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Women in Ancient Greece. Features and structure of the Spartan education system: Boys also had to make their own beds from thae “tips of reeds growing along the river Eurotus, broken off by hand without. Violence and Abuse in Society: Similarly to the Choes, it was not a formal rite; there was no fixed age for the Koureotis, although the Athenian boy was typically reintroduced to their phratry between the age of fifteen and twenty-nine Lambert, As marriage was an essential rite of passage for both Spartan men and women, especially women, there were several ritual aspects to the marriage itself, each with a differing symbolic nature.

Moreover, the State provided incentives for these supposedly perfect biological matches Pomeroy,further highlighting the emphasis on continuing the strong Spartan legacy through strong children, as also discussed in previous sections through various rites of passage.

The Role of the Spartan Education System, the Agoge Essay

In addition, it became a sign of being older, therefore having survived the previous aspects of the agoge, and their ability to join the army Xenophon, Lak. However, there is an alternative argument that female new-borns were exposed more often than males Foxhall, That included eliminating the agoge. It is thought that the chosen Spartan, armed with nothing but a dagger, were sent into the wilderness during the night, where they would fend for themselves and find their own food and shelter.

Lycurgus and Spartan Government- With reference to Ancient sources you have researched, explain the Spartan System of Government words – 6 pages historians show the common account of the Delphic Oracle.


Matriarchies was very useful as it contains extensive information on the details of the gauge, cystitis, krypton, and laconic phrases, with strong references to Plutarch and Xenophobe.

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This demonstrates that the Oracle must have played some role in the law-making process, even if it may only have been by the blessing of the laws written by others. If the child passed this test, the child was given back to his parents to be raised.

Religion in the Ancient Greek City. In addition, due to the man being chased being covered in wool, this would have made the chase easier for the runners, which again was related more to Spartan culture than military training agoe the people would have wanted to ensure a prosperous Sparta.

Images of Childhood from the Classical Past. The Greek City States: This man assigned those youths who were to reprimand younger boys and selected exemplary eeriness as members of the krypton. Classical Press of Wales. On the other hand, the Apatouria did not have the separation element like the krypteia, nor did the rite have a military predisposition.

Spartan Warrior, BC. Aristotle and Xenophon on Democracy and Oligarchy.

spartan agoge essay

Natalie Dent Word Count: It is the key to living and contributing to society. Seeing as the cystitis was made up of members of varying ages and wealth, younger men were able to learn from the elders, and age barriers were removed.