InscriptiFact — an image database of inscriptions and artifacts. In , Sourav Chatterjee showed that one particular coupling from Stein’s method, exchangeable pairs, can be used to prove concentration of measure inequalities in a wide range of problems in dependent settings. Here lies the substantial contribution of this book, which developed from a set of six lectures the author first held at the Cornell Probability Summer School in July College of Letters , Arts and Sciences. Ailing Zhang Eileen Chang Papers,

A phase transition behavior for Brownian motions interacting through their ranks S Chatterjee, S Pal Probability theory and related fields , , This work represents the first book-length treatment of this area, while also exploring the related area of exponential random graphs. University of Southern California Dissertations and Theses 8. Most widely held works by Sourav Chatterjee. The MLE of the graph’s edge parameters can be solved by isotonic regression equivalent to projection onto a convex cone , and this MLE is a consistent estimator.

Wayne Thom Photography Collection. All of our results are illustrated through several nontrivial examples mainly on random graphs, random permutations and occupancy models. Los Angeles City Archives.

Contributions to Stein’s method and some limit theorems in probability

Los AngelesCalifornia. These questions are addressed separately with a simple but novel model for each. In full generality, this operation raises subtle questions of measurability, which chatternee resolved using a new “compatibility condition.

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The method of proof is the well-established drift and minorization approach, which imposes a regenerative sourwv on the Markov chain according to a particular recipe. In the second part of this thesis we study random constraint satisfaction problems in which replica symmetric heuristics are expected to fail. Later inhis approach also found use by Subhankar Ghosh and Larry Goldstein where they proved new concentration inequalities via dhatterjee biased couplings which provide another useful framework in Stein’s method.

sourav chatterjee thesis

Los Angeles City Historical Society, The asymptotic efficiency of a general graph-based test can be derived using Le Cam’s theory of local asymptotic normality, which provides a theoretical basis for comparing the performances of souarv tests.

A two-dimensional shear lag model is developed to establish the important design parameters governing the formation of wrinkles. Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 28 26 iindex 54 Log in Favorites Help. Usually, concentration of thsis is useful when more direct problem-specific approaches fail; as a result, it has massively gained acceptance over the last forty years.

Concentration inequalities with bounded couplings

Russian Satirical Journals Collection. Consolidations, efficiency, and quality in Healthe Care Markets by Sourav Chatterjee 1 edition published in in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

sourav chatterjee thesis

Articles Cited by Co-authors. Publisher of the original version. Dichotomy between structure and randomness in combinatorial number theory by Xuancheng Shao 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide This dissertation is about exploring the dichotomy between structure and randomness in analytic number theory and tgesis combinatorics.


Greene and Greene Digital Archive. Central limit theorem for first-passage percolation time across thin cylinders. College of LettersArts and Sciences. Email address for updates.

Most widely held works by Sourav Chatterjee. Dance Heritage Video Archive. Erik Bates Mathematics Ph. Besides, we introduce two new directions by making use of zero biasing and equilibrium couplings. The resulting bounds are computable in terms of the ingredients of the recipe. California Historical Society Collection, chatgerjee University of Southern California Dissertations and Theses 3.

WPA household census cards and employee records, Los Angeles, This approach constructs a design matrix by multiplying a vector of nodal features with each adjacency matrix in which the nodes chattereje embedded.

Williams Arnoll residence blueprints. Inspired by this, we developed a shape memory alloy—elastomer composite as a platform for reversible surface texture.