The combination of its layer 7 classification, analysis, control, and reporting capabilities enables network administrators to keep critical traffic moving at an appropriate pace through bandwidth bottlenecks and prevents any single type of traffic from monopolizing the link. Differentiate network delay from server delay. The sender does not assume that any data is lost or corrupted until a multiple of the round-trip time has passed without receiving an acknowledgment. The Sky X system delivers the web objects to the client side of the satellite link where they can be served locally when requested by the browser ,there by avoiding satellite delay. Below are data for two typical applications across a range of conditions File Transfers. So it is desirable to design a separate protocol for communication through the satellite to eliminate the disadvantages of using TCP over the satellite link. Satellites are ideal for providing internet and private network access over long distance and to remote locations.

Extensible traffic class definitions: Please see the PacketShaper Data Sheet for a list of applications. The performance benefits of the sky X gateway depend on many factors including the bandwidth , delay, asymmetry and bit error rate of the link , the number of simultaneous connections, the compressibility of the data and the behavior of the application itself. The journey through the atmosphere can also introduce bit errors into the data stream. Directly control bandwidth allocation by application, server, or user to proactively prevent congestion related application performance problems. Below are data for two typical applications across a range of conditions File Transfers.

Bit Error Rate vs. While these congestion avoidance mechanisms are vital in routed environments, they are ill-suited to single-path satellite links. The Soyx X gateway combines protocolapplication and system level enhancements to provide maximum throughput for satellite networks.

XTP is a reliable, transport- layer protocol specifically designed to operate efficiently over high- speed networks and offers a level of performance not possible with TCP on long latency, high loss satellite links.

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However, over satellite links, TCP misinterprets the long round-trip time and bit errors as congestion and responds inappropriately. Sky X gateway overcomes this limitation, taking full advantage of the available bandwidth regardless of the window size of the client or resezrch.


These results illustrate that TCP throughput drops rapidly as the round-trip time increases. TCP uses Slow Start and Congestion Avoidance algorithms to determine a safe transmission rate based on how quickly acknowledgments return.

This process is both time consuming and wastes much of the bandwidth resources.

I provided the abstract and power point presentation for the topic blue eye technology. TCP utilizes a sliding window mechanism to limit the amount of data in flight. Specifically optimized for long delay, high bit error and asymmetric bandwidth conditions. Adding the Sky X system to a satellite network allows users to take full advantage of the available bandwidth.

skyx technology research paper

Free maintenance service, Free mail id on your website name. Satellites are ideal for providing internet and private network access over long distance and to remote locations. Satellites are attractive option for carrying internet and other IP traffic to many locations across the globe where terrestrial options tecynology limited or [censored] prohibitive.

Determine how much bandwidth is wasted from retransmissions.

skyx technology research paper

To provide reliable data transmission, the TCP receiver constantly sends acknowledgments back to the sender. However the internet protocols are not optimized for satellite conditions and consequently the throughput over the satellite networks is restricted to only a fraction of available bandwidth. The Sky X gateways are available as ready to install hardware solutions which can be added to any satellite network. The Sky X multicast fanout, an integral component of the Sky X gateway, transparently converts TCP unicast connections into reliable multicast transfers.

Below are data for two typical applications across a range of conditions File Transfers. So the congestion avoidance mechanisms used by Skyyx is also not suited for texhnology satellite link since it reduces the data flow through the network and thus reduces the overall rate of data transfer. The Sky X gateway can also be used in multilink configurations where a single Sky X gateway hub unit enhances the performance of multiple separate outbound links from a single uplink facility.


skyx technology research paper

Performance benefits from applications other than Web and file transfers depend on the characteristics of the applicationbut will typically fall between these two extremes. Mentat also licenses the Sky X gateway technology in software source code form for integration with satellite modems, VSATs, routers, caching systems, or any other satellite connectivity equipment.

Connections from applications running on the PC are intercepted and papwr over the satellite using Sky X protocol. Data Center Replication Acceleration.

This wastes available bandwidth when it transmits at too low a rate, and causes unnecessary retransmissions when it transmits at a rate higher than the bandwidth of the papdr.

Please see the PacketShaper Data Sheet for a list of applications. The acknowledgements and error messages will always dominate the data transfer and the rate of flow reduces very much.

Computer Science (CSE) Seminar Topic on Sky X Technology

When TCP protocol design limitations, high latency and lost packets threaten application connection speed, SkyX Accelerator ramps flow, fully utilizes links and keeps data moving along.

In addition to the multicast benefits themselves, the Sky X gateway includes on-the-fly data compression which further increases transfer speeds for compressible data by up to 5 times. The following file transfer tests illustrate the benefits of Sky X performance enhancement for different windows sizes, link band-widths, round-trip times, and bit error rates. New SkyX Accelerator Details. Differentiate network delay from server delay. The adverse effects of using TCP over satellite link in its various features are as follows: