So folks, if you have a lot of money, time and energy to waste and you are not serious in clearing prelims in one attempt, then Please Join Vajiram N Karthiga karthiga07 gmail. Two years back, when I was not even a student there, he agreed to meet me and guided me for 15 mins regarding whether I should opt for civil services or not. About Me Karthiga View my complete profile. Do they really teach? Rest teachers are waste becz in spite of having good knowledge, they don’t know how to transfer it. I heard about Kumd ranjan sir from Khan’s Study group..

Do not take advice from thousand people I did and it just confuses u. But the problem arises with G. Shah Faesal topper didn’t take coaching, nor did Anay Dwivedi 5th , or Ghanshyam Thori 25th Though they may have joined a test series later. Review needs to be atleast characters long. IAS Coaching in Mumbai.

The result was, I, along with many, could not clear PT- Hi Folks, Would like to share an interesting piece of information.

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The main benefit of joining a good coaching class is the friends you make. Kindly reply when you manochz this post and address the queries.

You’ll learn from each other, laugh and cry on each cpasses shoulders. I joined on October 23, Isabella, upsc preparation as far as I very understood requires both will and capability, teachers here at vajiram where I m currently getting trained show u the path to success, most of the work has to be done by you, upsc isn’t like any graduation exams it’s something like a living being that is syllabus changes year after year.


Its my only dream or lifetime aim. So give your best, enjoy the journey and come out wiser from it.

Sk manocha essay classes for toddlers

Blog Prep Tools Current Affairs. As i once read- blinds can’t see, those who’ve deliberately closed eyes can’t see, nd those who know what they r seeing yet state something else r also devoid of vision. Neetu Singh Direction Institute is one option.

sk manocha essay classes

IAS Coaching in Jaipur. BTW did u forget the mahocha from the washrooms that sometimes filled the basement hall, or the sheer insult of students at the hands of Vajiram teachers?

I was also planning to join Vajiram for the upcoming July batch but now I have a big question mark on my face whether to join this institute or not. There was hopelessness and despair all around. But I do agree with you on one thing. So its our duty to alert while joining any coaching institute And the price may even get halved if it is photocopied.

So friends, b prepared to shed extra money as draft charges 2. In almost all the subjects, the material is out of focus. If you read a competition magazine regularly, you’ll get those anyway.

Anyways, Vaji doesn’t provide anything apart from dictated class notes. My Best wishes to you for the Civil Services Mains!!

The Mirage of Vajiram and ravi: Vajiram GS: Is it worth

Year of Study So according to your experience which coaching should one go for. As far as the “economic corruption” is concerned, any right thinking person knows that fee is accepted only in the form of Sesay Draft and not by cash or cheque.


How to go about it? It is you and you alone, who can get every piece of information to clear the test.

Sk manocha essay classes for toddlers

Brilliant Academy of Learning. I mugged up each and every word that I wrote in the class notes and the questions they had given. Can anyone plz tell me which is the better institute and i say the better one cuz i read manofha whole blog and i want to kno which is better among all as not one is the best for coaching for Gs and can i get mains coaching in Oct itself?

I dont know why this blog was so negative Is coaching material sufficient for preparation?

This statement by the author indicates that other assertions might be equally false. Since my coaching has just started a week ago,I cannot comment much on the faculty and materials provided, but one think is for sure that the administration is very baddd.