Then we apply these theories to ethical issues such as: Students are required to evaluate theories using this scientific research in detailed essays for homework and their exams. Have you ever wondered why footballers are paid more than doctors or why prices vary in different parts of the country? Further Maths is desirable for reading Maths at University and beneficial for Engineering and Physics. EPQ Extended Project Qualification — an extended project, to be completed under the supervision of a tutor.

Sixth Form News Prev Next. Encourage your child to read around the subject. Discuss with your child what they are learning in R. Researching about different agencies including charities such as Childline and Age UK was interesting because it made me understand the different circumstances people go through in their lives and that sometimes they need to talk it through with people who can help them. You can help your child by encouraging them to practice their faith, and by practicing it with them.

In Y9 and Y10 a large focus of the course is using mathematical knowledge and skills in multi-step problem solving. Showw Isn’t Notre Dame difficult to get to?

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The final unit of study is an Introduction to Economics. We study how philosophers have responded to these questions throughout history. The focus of the second unit is on functions of business and the wider business environment. Support could be supporting your child to take part in extracurricular and to make hand in times.


O n Saturday 15th November, we welcomed Y11 students from our school and from schools sheffieod the city and beyond to our Sixth Form Open Morning. Y7 In Y7 science, students study the following topics: French and Spanish A Level.

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The A-Level course is split into 3 sections: It allows students to develop a range of skills, including practical, research and problem-solving skills which will enable them to make an effective contribution to the care sector.

In philosophy students develop their critical snow skills and tackle challenging and thoughtful questions such as does God exist?

A-level Our A Level Mathematics specification allows greater flexibility and aims to create a positive dhow environment, enabling teachers to adapt to students’ needs and help them fulfil their potential. Use Moodle on the school website science, new KS3. Sociologists aim to investigate and understand the social world and human behaviour within it.

Come to our sixth form!

The Heads of Science are: Q Who comes to Notre Dame 6th Form? Sixth Form students must participate for an outside club in order to access the A-Level course.

show my homework notre dame high school sheffield

Link to exam board website: We start our GCSE course around February of Y9 to give students enough time to complete the course and revise ontre the exam.

Cain Assistant Headteacher — jcain notredame-high. Social theory is important in Sociology.

show my homework notre dame high school sheffield

In Year 13 microeconomics goes on to cover different market structures, the distribution of income and wealth and lastly labour markets. Head of Business Department: The language we use for God and whether or not God can suffer. McGee — jmcgee notredame-high. Learning about how children develop and their different milestones was fun to learn about because you never sjow think about how you as person have developed from when you were a baby.


Should euthanasia be legal? Rollinson — crollinson notredame-high. There are 3 units in the course.

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It was also a non-uniform day to r Successful students at A Level Maths are required to show resilience in working independently. Encourage your child to same and listen to business news, as well as carrying out wider reading of articles that are relevant to the area of study.

I liked the fact that most of it was coursework and I could do my own research about childcare settings and write about them. In addition to another excellent year in terms of attainment, we are also shevfield a 4th consecutive year in which our value added or progress measure is once again significantly above the national average.

Our A Level Mathematics specification allows shevfield flexibility and aims to create a positive learning environment, enabling teachers to adapt to students’ needs and help them fulfil their potential.