The carriage was occupied not by Kingsford but instead the wife and daughter of barrister Pringle Kennedy. Thus, it is highly likely that the actual thrower of the bomb was “Dinesh”. Banerjee tried to apprehend Prafulla at the Mokamaghat station. He was interested in reading detective books. Through pictures and puppets the British were trying to falsely depict that although they were foreigners, they were doing so much to help the people of Bharat. The streets of Kolkata started to be choked up with processions all, at the same time, for several days. Along with an associate, he is noted for attempting to assassinate Kingsford, who was the then Magistrate of Muzaffarpur.

We must bring back the past glory of Bharat. Pretending to be schoolboys, they surveyed the Muzaffarpur park situated opposite The British Club, frequented by Kingsford. Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki appear to carry out the murder. After the hanging, the funeral procession went through the city, with police guards holding back the crowd all along the central artery street. Lastly, since such a statement are by definition required to be totally voluntary, with the magistrate being sure that it was so, there was no proof that Khudiram was allowed to give a voluntary statement without any direct or indirect manipulation after his capture.

Early life

However, four men khudlram assigned to guard the magistrate’s house. Being an employee of the British government, he never could do anything for his country on a personal level, but he thought that if he could make a way for this boy to save his life, he could at least have his conscience clear and make at least one tiny boze towards his country. As a final attempt, an appeal was made to the governor general to overrule the death sentence for Khudiram.

Along with an associate, he is noted for attempting to kgudiram Kingsford, who was the then Magistrate of Muzaffarpur. Khudiram Bose 3 December — 11 August was a Obse revolutionary, one of the youngest revolutionaries early in the Indian independence movement.


By Marchfearful of the judge’s safety, he was promoted to the District Judge position and transferred by the government to MuzaffarpurBihar. The English daily, The Statesmanwrote on the following day, 2 May Khudiram was the fourth child in a family of three daughters.

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Halliday alerts to the Superintendent of Police in Muzzafarpur were ignored. Khudiram refused to make appeal. He died with the holy book Bhagwad Gita in his hands and the slogan Vande Matram on his lips. In April, a two-man reconnaissance team visited Muzaffarpur, which included Prafulla Chaki.

As Khudiram was the only of the two alive, his lone statement of a two-man team was the khuudiram for the entire case.

Prafulla to his house, and let him bathe, eat and rest. This page was last edited on 17 Mayat Moreover, Khudiram’s signature was required to be given on the statement on the same date and at the time of the statement in the presence of the magistrate, but in reality, Khudiram was made to sign the day after, and in front of a different person, who was an additional magistrate. On the third day of the incident, Khudiram’s colleague Praful Chaki blse suicide obse shooting a pistol with the fear of being caught by the police.

He reasoned that according to article of the penal code, the accused is required to submit his statement in front of a first class magistrate which Mr.

But halfway on such a smooth road to safety, fate played a cruel trick on Prafulla, bsoe such an initial smile, by a drastic turn-away and abandonment.

Kennedy and her daughter were killed.

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On khudiran June, the scheduled date for the verdict and sentence, the judge and the prosecutors received and anonymous letter of warning, which told them that there was one more bomb coming for them from Kolkata, and that henceforth it will be the Biharis, and not the Bengalis, who are going to kill them. In andwhen Sri Aurobindo who was in the earlier stage of his life as a evolutionary leader and ideologue and Sister Nivedita respectively visited Medinipur and held a series of public lectures along with secret planning sessions with the revolutionary groups.


short essay on khudiram bose

On the evening of 29 April, Khudiram and Prafulla were in place to execute their plans. On the contrary, the order came to carry out the death sentence latest by 11 August Died cheerful and smiling” the newspaper wrote: Ghosh decided to save his life, and let him bathe, eat, and rest in his house.

He lost his mother when he was six years old.

short essay on khudiram bose

Kingsford and his wife were in a carriage identical to the one carrying Kennedy and his family. Having covered nearly 25 miles, he reached exhausted at a station called “Oyaini”. They held a series of public lectures and private session with the existing revolutionary groups for freedom.

Essay on Khudiram Bose

When the carriage approached just opposite him Khudiram threw the bomb inside the carriage; but unluckily Kingsford was not in that carriage. The paper did nothing to tone down the rhetoric in its future editions.

The carriage was shattered and the Kennedy ladies sustained terrible injuries. He walked to the gallows firmly and cheerfully and khkdiram smiled when the cap was drawn over his head. The judge, surprised, asked Khudiram whether he had understood the meaning of the pronounced sentence.

The specific bombing for which he was sentenced to death resulted in the deaths of 3 persons.