The determination of polydispersity index PDI gives suitable information about size distribution. The flow rate was 1. Most of the surfactants have impact on lipid digestion that is catalyzed by lipase in various ways like the formation of complexes with the enzyme at interface, by preventing the adsorption of enzyme at interface or by the interaction with the lipase itself. Along with the nature, the concentration of cosurfactant also has an impact on drug precipitation. The construction of phase diagrams in the presence of drug is helpful for the determination of effect of drug addition on the existence of microemulsion area [ 24 ]. Selection of the surfactant was governed by emulsification efficiency Table 3. Medium chain triglycerides have the capacity to get digested efficiently compared to the long chain triglycerides [ 12 , 23 ] and also exhibit greater fluidity, improved solubility properties, and good ability to self-emulsify along with the reduced tendency towards oxidation due to which they contribute to the increase of drug absorption and in turn have positive effects on bioavailability.

Although natural surfactants are less toxic, the efficiency of self-emulsification is limited [ 3 ]. Poor oral bioavailability is pronounced with the majority of recent active ingredients because of dissolution rate limited absorption. Increased intestinal wall permeability: This restricted lymphatic transport is mainly due to low lymph-to-blood flow ratio. From this equation, it is evident that the lower the interfacial energy the lower the free energy.

Poor oral bioavailability is pronounced with the majority of recent active ingredients because of dissolution rate limited absorption. Care should be exercised to minimize the concentration of surfactant as minimum as possible because the use of high concentration of surfactants has disadvantages like GI irritation, [ 3 ] decrease in self-emulsification efficiency, and dehydrating effect on soft and hard gelatin capsules caused by some of the nonionic surfactants like polysorbates and polyoxyls with consequent brittleness [ 29 ].

Among various lipid based formulations liposomes, solid lipid nanoparticles, self-dispersing tablets, and solid solutionsself-microemulsifying formulations are receiving more attention by formulation scientists as these are advantageous in the aspect of their stability, self-dispersing nature, ease of preparation, and scale-up. In case of addition of fourth component, the ternary diagram can be called pseudoternary phase diagram as one of the corners corresponds to the mixture of two components like surfactant and cosurfactant [ 43 ].


When this mixture is added to the double dslivery water, the number of flask inversions required to form homogenous emulsion is noted and this gives indication about ease of emulsification. The diffusive behavior of microemulsion components can be studied with the help of Fourier transforms pulsed gradient spin-echo method PGSE.

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The formulations can be considered as stable when drug precipitation is not microemlusifying. Formulation excipients like surfactants used in the lipid based formulations will aid in achieving the goal [ 2 ].

Lipid based delivery system like lopinavir loaded SLN was found to deliver high amount of drug in to lymphatic circulation compared to control pure drug due to which the first pass extraction of this drug was inhibited and hence bioavailability was found improved [ 10 ].

Refractive index decreases mucroemulsifying increase in cosurfactant concentration attributed to decrease in the rigidity of microemulsion structure and it increases with the increase in globule size [ 50 ]. So the drugs which have propensity to be effluxed from the GIT can be formulated as lipid based delivery systems for the improvement of bioavailability [ 11 ].

The blood was immediately processed for plasma by centrifugation at 3, g for 10 minutes. Solubility of the drug in various oils, surfactants, and cosurfactants should be tested [ 3839 ].

SMEDDS can improve oral bioavailability by enhancing permeation across the intestinal membrane, solubilization, a reduced or eliminated effect of food, droplet size reduction, lymphatic transport, and improvement of drug dissolution. Accept In order to provide our website syxtem and registered users with a service tailored to their individual preferences we use cookies to analyse visitor traffic and personalise content. Cloud point is generally determined by gradually increasing the temperature of water bath in which the formulation is placed and measured spectrophotometrically.

There was no change in microemjlsifying particle size and self-emulsification time. Solubility Studies These are mainly useful for the selection of the most suitable excipients that can be used in the preparation of SMEDDS and helps in the prediction of drug precipitation in vivo [ 33 ].

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Maximum plasma concentration C max and time taken to reach maximum plasma concentration T max were determined by inspection of the plasma concentration-time curves. This work is published dellvery licensed by Dove Medical Press Limited.


self microemulsifying drug delivery system thesis

The selection of suitable surfactant and cosurfactant should be done by considering the efficacy, irritancy, change in efficacy caused by repeated administration of formulation, their interaction with the proteins and lipids of the mucosa, and metabolic pathway followed by them [ 22 ].

Analyte concentrations were determined using Analyst 1. Usually the refractive index measurements are carried out using refractometers [ 57 ]. The peaks give information about the condition of water like bound state or free state [ 55 ].

Although this mechanism is not essential in case of BCS Class II drugs, it leads to marked improvement in absorption of Class IV drugs which have both dissolution and permeability rate limited absorption. Javascript is currently disabled in your browser.

self microemulsifying drug delivery system thesis

If you agree to our use of cookies and the contents of our Privacy Policy please click ‘accept’. The mean particle diameter analysis data were evaluated using the volume-weighting pattern.

Mifepristone used as the internal standard, Evaluation of liquid crystalline structures formed by the dilution of SMEDDS is important as these govern the stability of formulation, self-emulsification, and extent of drug release. Optimal drug incorporation can be achieved if good compatibility exists between the added drug and the system with respect to physical and chemical properties.

The thermodynamically stable formulations will not show any change in visual description [ 4659 ]. Constant plasma levels of drug might be due to presentation of the poorly soluble drug in dissolved form that bypasses the critical step in drug absorption, that is, dissolution [ 13 ]. All other chemicals used were of analytical grade.

Particle size reduction may not be useful in case of all drug components because of disadvantages associated with fine powders like poor wettability and low stability [ 3 deilvery.

The various surfactants was screened for their emulsification ability. The droplets of positive charge have the property of interacting efficiently microoemulsifying the mucosal surface of the GIT and these interactions are of electrostatic nature due to which strong adhesion can be expected with increased absorption [ 8 ].