There is an another personal statement in the SAQ – an additional form you have to fill in if you apply to Cambridge. Hopefully this article will have provided prospective Oxbridge applicants with the information they need to put together the strongest possible application. Usually, you will sit these tests at your school in very early November. Loading comments… Trouble loading? She might as well have spared herself the bother.

Tips from Cambridge as to what you need to have with you when you fill out the form: Try to shadow a professional in your field of interest, learning more from them about what their job involves and taking the opportunity to develop your understanding of that line of work. Oxbridge admissions tutors are looking for thoughtful and perceptive students who are curious about their chosen subject. It is a good idea as a final step to ask someone to proof it for spelling or grammar errors, which you may find hard to spot yourself due to your familiarity with the work. Applying Applying to Cambridge can be pretty daunting – most Cambridge students never thought they were going to get in.

You can also include information about your career plans if any!

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Personal statements ‘not scored’ by Cambridge tutors

Many careers and jobs do not require students to have completed a particular degree; simply being a graduate is sufficient. You only have 4, characters so you need to take the time to plan carefully what to include and how to include it as concisely as possible. Parks said students now receive so much help — from their teachers or from websites that offer to write the statements — that universities cannot tell whether a student has written any of it.

Successful students can breathe a sigh of relief. There are seven sections cambriidge the SAQ and section seven includes an additional personal statement. Continue to re-draft your personal statement as many times as you need to until it is perfect. Although sattement does not seem like long, it is sufficient as long as you get to work straight away cambtidge allow enough time to seek advice and re-draft, just like you did with your personal statement.


If you are intending to apply to university, the work begins at GCSE. There are many extremely strong universities in the UK and you may have applied to these in addition to Oxbridge. It is a good idea to practice expressing yourself clearly when talking about academic things with other people something lots of people have little experience with before their interview.

saq personal statement cambridge

If their school offers the Extended Project Qualification a supervised research projectstudents taking three AS levels could supplement these with an Extended Project Qualification.

To help you get organised, use statmeent handy checklist which is designed for Oxbridge applicants intending to start university immediately after year If a student has submitted an application to Cambridge, they will receive an email within a couple of days after the submission containing a link to the SAQ form.

Personal statements ‘not scored’ by Cambridge admissions tutors | Education | The Guardian

Year 12, January onwards two years before you intend to begin university Do: It really is a very straightforward process. Page 10 Supplementary Application Questionnaire The SAQ includes a photograph of you, so that they know what you look like at your interview — some applicants have been known to send substitutes masquerading as them to interview instead — and information like your UMS scores and GCSE module grades.

Undergraduates cannot apply to Oxford and Cambridge at the same time so you will need to choose between the two; you may find our advice article how to choose between Oxford and Cambridge helpful. Here are 6 tips. Encourage your students to talk through the process that led them to discover a certain historical interpretation or scientific paper in order to demonstrate a thoughtful approach to their studies. University Guides Getting Into In this article we will set out a chronological list of the things you need to do for your application in order to put your best foot forward.


Test Mock Choosing A College.

Oxbridge Personal Statement

It is usually filled out online, although you can contact Cambridge directly for a solution sxq this is a problem for you. Loading comments… Trouble loading? It is also worth making notes on the key points of interest that you come pfrsonal so that you can look back over these when you come to write your personal statement or prepare for interview. More importantly, the SAQ includes a space to provide an Additional Personal Statement, where you can explain what you like in particular about the university and the course.

Although they may not be specified as required subjects, many successful applicants [to the Russell Group] do have advanced level qualifications in at least two of the facilitating subjects.

saq personal statement cambridge

Find a Course Offered in small class sizes with great emphasis on the demands of the specification and exam technique. Picking a college While we hope you apply to Peterhouse, the truth is that the colleges are all pretty similar and everyone loves where they end up! Your UCAS application is your first chance to impress Oxford or Cambridge and, unless you get it right, it might be your last.

Bear in mind that although the official UCAS deadline for Oxbridge applicants is 15 th Octoberin practice ssq will be required to submit your application earlier as your school needs time to complete your reference and grade predictions before sending it on. It took four statekent for her to be happy enough to send it off. They should be able to differentiate between those who wrote their personal statements with genuine passion, and those who simply got someone else to do it for them.