I mean it takes away the conceptual beauty of what they’re doing, but at the same time if they’re not really interested in practice, what they’re doing is not going to be very helpful there. Paving sustainably This robot helps you lift objects — by looking at your biceps Fabrics poised to become the new software From micro to macro. The students who graduated from here went to other schools. Fields which have only that kind of work going on tend to not attract new people, tend to not attract creative people, and they tend to become more and more stultifying. It was an idea which was of interest then because it was very, very simple. You take new components, and you put them together in different ways, and you get the new system out on the market very, very quickly. You forget that you worked on them a long time ago.

So I got into that. There was a large group of very good technical people there, but we were all privates. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. So that you have to have enormous gains from understanding the problem better to make it worthwhile to understand it better. One of the projects I was involved in was designing the No. That’s what computers are built out of.

It was a strange effort.

robert gallager phd thesis

The ability to build eobert very complex system very simply now, like the compact disc is a good example of that. So this was a totally inverted society. Gallager briefly worked for Bell Laboratories and in the U.

Queues start to build up, all the other users start phv get poorer service. One thing I was curious about: Whereas today there’s much more of a push throughout the academic world.


You had a conference, and there were maybe thirty or forty people there. There wasn’t really the need for very reliable communications in those networks, which was part of the reason why the people who worked on error correction became depressed. I was at a meeting yesterday down in New Jersey where we were working on all-optical networks.

I guess the view I’ve come up with–I’m trying to think this through–is that yes, theoreticians should be interested in real problems.

robert gallager phd thesis

The speeds rlbert up, the lengths of packets go up, but there’s a scaling principle that says that the underlying problems are the same as they always were. So there tends to be a little less contact between the academic parts of the field, or the conceptual parts of the field, and the pragmatic parts of it.

Robert Gray Gallager born May 29, is an American electrical engineer known for his work on information theory and communications networks. I think the split was similar in the sixties. You were discussing the funding, the military funding, that was available in the beginning for communication work.

robert gallager phd thesis

It kept getting changed and modified as time went on. One of the earliest and best papers that I wrote was on something called the coding theorem.

Robert G. Gallager — Information Theory Society

Of course some of that has happened, a lot of it has happened, but somewhat more slowly than we thought it would. If what’s coming in has very little information in it, then you have very few binary digits coming out. There were people working on coding theory, which was really the problem of how do you do error correction in data? I wonder if you can tell me about the merging of these two areas, you know, computer research and communication.


That actually suggests the enormous breadth. All you needed was a way to add enough redundancy to the information so that errors could be corrected.

Equal parts eloquent and irreverent, honest and incisive, the excerpts that follow are sure to stay with you. I’m curious about an era when there was less external application, and I wonder if there was a division, including a tnesis division, within researchers? I think we’ve covered everything. It’s very much try it and see if it works.

Low Density Parity Check Codes

The result of that is since you have to teach it in so much less time, the only way to do it is to teach the basic facts. Well, essentially it’s happening I think because of the pressure to learn too many things. I went to Bell Telephone Laboratories when I graduated. You were alluding to the introduction of data communication, the first important application for all this work that had been done.

When you write a distributive algorithm, all of those possibilities have to be thought out ahead of robbert. The problem which was really pushing the commercial field was how do you build better local-area networks?

Robert G. Gallager – Wikipedia

But if we don’t have people doing thesls underlying research, solving these basic problems, building up this technology ahead of time, building up the ideas, finding the right ways of looking at problems, then pretty soon we lose the whole thing. Zadeh Robert Metcalfe George H.

It was a very, very exciting time.