Absence of any great preponderance of one race over the others will free their imagination from all mad ambi- tions of domination, and as the tendency of countries that have been tyrannized over, when they once shake off the yoke, is to adopt the freest government, like a boy leaving school, iike the beat of the pendulum, by a law of reac- tion the Islands will probably declare them- selves a federal republic. Their having abandoned it, name and all, proves clearly that they nei- ther counted on me nor did the “Liga” serve their purposes, otherwise they would not have madeaiiotlier society when they had one already organized. It was a strong argument, and needed a logical point of view. If after so just, as well as necessary, a measuz-e has been introduced, the Filipino people are so stupid and weak that they are treacherous to their own interests, then let the responsibility fall upon them, let them suffer all the consequences. The Filipino embraces civilization and lives and thrives in every clime, in contact vrith every people. Twitter Facebook Reddit Email.

I think it is a part of being an intelligent as he carefully analyze what might happen in the future. Would not a bloody chasm yawn between victors and vanquished, and might not the latter with time and exper- ience become equal in strength, since they are superior in numbers, to their dominators? Kizal, of spheres of influence in the Pacific at the time of writing “The Philippines A Century Hence,” as they appeared to him. But the Panama Canal is not opened nor the territory of the States congested with inhabitants, and in case she should openly attempt it the European powers would not allow her to proceed, for they know very well that the appetite is sharpened by the first bites. We are not sure that we serve the true inte- rests of our country by asking for representa- tives.

The Philippines a Century Hence Essay

May I present to you my reflection about the work of our great national hero Dr. At present these are still of little importance; in the meantime com- merce follows its old routes, which lead to England and the Atlantic ports of the Rizls. Home hyper Kwala photo-folio twitter portfolio facebook tumblr.


When they took the step of sending yr. The Great Rizal, was also but a Nostradamus in the making?

The spirit of the people was not thereby cowed, and even though it had been awakened in only a few hearts, its flame nevertheless was surely and consumingly propagated, thanks to abrses and the stupid endeavors of certain classes to stifle noble and generous sentiments.

This essay, published in La Solidaridad starts by analyzing the various causes of the miseries suffered by the Filipino people: Imagine a utopia, finite enough, dedicated to every Filipinos existing or not.

Full text of “The Philippines a century hence”

Science and logic were intervening. March 3, at 5: But the most logical prognostication, the pro- phecy based on the best probabilities, may err through remote and insignificant causes. Colonies established to subserve the policy and the commerce of the soverign count- ry, all eventually become independent, said Bachelet, and before Bachelet all the Phoene- cian, Carthaginian, Greek, Roman, English, Wssay and Spanish colonies had said it.

Perhaps the great American Republic, whose interests lie in the Pacific and who has no hand in the spoliation of Africa, may some day dream of foreign possession. Why did they not communicate with me before? In proportion as they are bathed in blood and drenched in tears and gall, the colony, if it has any vitality, learns how to struggle and perfect itself in fighting, while the mother country, whose colonial life philuppines upon peace and the submission of the subjects, is constantly weakened, and, even though she make heroic efforts, as her number is less and she has only a fictitious existence, she finally perishes.

Spain, therefore, had no means to stop the progress of the country. Jose Rizal has left me astounded with his achievements since his childhood: Holland is cwntury and will be content to keep the Moluccas and Java. But the fact that we should not tolerate them centur they will tolerate and esway themselves as poor for life.

Anonymous May 11, at 5: I now pr… twitter. Yet civilization has left the country of Utopia far behind, the human will and conscience have worked greater miracles, have abolished slavery and the death penalty for adultery — things impossible for even Utopia itself!


TTISTOJRY does not tge in its annals any lasting domination exercised by one peo- ple over another, of different race, of diverse usages and customs, of opposite and divergent ideals.

rizals essay the philippines a century hence

Rizal read the much better Spanish version while a student in the Ateneo de Manila, from a copy supplied by Paciano Rizal Mercado who directed his younger brother’s political education and transferred to Jose the hopes which aa been blighted for himself by the execution of his beloved teacher, Father Burgos, in the Cavite alleged insurrec- tion. Now, then, are the Philippines in the same condition they were three centuries ago? For new men, a new social order.

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Anonymous March 20, at 5: Remember me on this computer. Rizal felt that it was time to remind Spain that the circumstances that ushered in the French Revolution could have a telling effect for her in the Philippines.

Anonymous August 7, at 5: This is not impossible, for the example is contagious, covetousness and ambition are among the strongest vices, and Harrison manifested something of this sort in the Samoan question. Valenzuela’s coming to inform me of the dssay proves that I was not in correspondence with its promoters for if 1 had been then I should have known of it, for making an uprising is a sufficiently serious mat- ter not to liide it from me.

rizals essay the philippines a century hence

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! How one shall read this article must interpret it as not just as mere words but full of message for our own generation. Had the “Liga” lacked only a little of V.

rizals essay the philippines a century hence