All module and programme proposals must be submitted to Programme Scrutiny Sub-Committee for consideration onto Academic Board for approval by the required deadline. The Assessments Manager organises invigilation and attendant cover for this period. Your future career Our alumni are forging successful careers following their studies. Applied Social Psychology 1 year full time MSc. Specific Grading Criteria Marking Criteria. What are you looking for?

The Departmental Officer signing the form must ensure that any amendments are permitted within the programme regulations. Students with a disability must contact the Disability Team as soon as possible to discuss their requirements for study with us and for appropriate assessment reasonable adjustments. The Departmental Handbook should also include a warning against using materials already submitted for assessment. Research institutes and centres. Represents an overall failure to achieve the appropriate learning outcomes. A Board of Examiners may reconsider its decision only when invited to do so through an Academic Appeal. For instance, you may not repeat substantially the same material in a formal written examination or in a dissertation if it has already formed part of an essay submitted for assessment.

Represents the overall achievement of the appropriate learning outcomes to an outstanding level. Forensic Psychology 1 year full time MSc.

Current students

Students who do not fulfil retake requirements imposed by the Board of Examiners may not graduate until the retake is attempted and passed or compensated. Generic Grading and Specific Grading Criteria marking criteria.

The Enrolments and Records Team will send appropriate enrolment information to continuing students. We use cookies on this site. Disability or long term psycholoogy conditions may not normally be used as mitigation where adjustments are provided. Changes to optional module choices can be requested within the first two weeks following enrolment and will not normally be possible after that time.


rhul psychology coursework deadlines

A moderator may not change an individual mark: Goldsmiths cannot require other institutions to offer you the same adjustments we agree to provide. Some postgraduate programmes have a proceed to dissertation rule within their programme specifications which would not allow a stduent to take their dissertation if they have not passed all other modules.

These students will be required to retrieve failed modules in the following session.

rhul psychology coursework deadlines

Please liaise with them. Represents a significant overall failure to achieve the appropriate learning outcomes shall be deemed a valid attempt and must be resat unless all three permitted attempts have been used.

courseworl Click here for Undergraduate Regulations The Assessments Managers is responsible for provision of written examination arrangements for students with reasonable adjustments in conjunction with the Disability Service. The practice of anonymity is an important part of the maintenance of integrity and fairness of the marking system.

Failed modules can only be compensated, that is awarded credit where the failure is compensated by achievement in other modules, once all 3 permitted attempts have been made.

Explore our Virtual Experience. Is there a broken link or content that needs updating? What are you looking for? Clinical Psychology 1 year full time MSc. Failed assessments that require students to attend to complete them, such as teaching practice or practical assessments, may not be re-assessed in late summer; the module must be retaken in attendance the following session.

Deferred assessment should be in the same format as the original assessment. Finalist classifications will be calculated by the Assessments Manager and confirmed in liaison with the Chair of the Board of Examiners.

Department of Psychology

Events For more information about events within the department. The Board of Examiners are responsible for the approval of the content of written examination papers. Students are required to use all permitted attempts to retrieve failed modules All Students are permitted three attempts at an assessment ie the first attempt and two re-sits in the event of failure ; The format of the assessment for re-entries should be in the same format as the original assessment.


Students who withdraw from assessment or fail that occurrence in late summer, will be required to retrieve their failed modules and retake at the next normal occasion when the assessment is held i. The mark awarded for a re-taken assessment shall, unless there are extenuating circumstances deemed acceptable by the Board of Examiners, be subject to a penalty. This window will close when you submit your comment.

In this section Find your course Applying Fees and funding International students Studying abroad For parents and supporters Schools and colleges Find your why Central London campus Prospectuses and brochures Sign up for more information A degree with added value. Further details on the appeal process and matters relating to assessment can be found in the osychology regulation on appeals, which is contained in the appeal form aboveand the assessment regulations.

Students are responsible for submitting assessed coursework, portfolios, rjul, etc.

rhul psychology coursework deadlines

Psychology 3 years full time BSc C Specific Grading Criteria Marking Criteria. Student with an SLDD must apply to the receiving School or Institute for the assessment reasonable adjustments that might be available in relation to the submission of coursework, at that institution.