Details of the procedure for submitting extenuating circumstances to the examiners can be found in your module handbook. Student with an SLDD must apply to the receiving School or Institute for the assessment reasonable adjustments that might be available in relation to the submission of coursework, at that institution. However it is recognised that for some programmes it is sometimes necessary to break anonymity but this should occur only when absolutely necessary and appropriate. It is the responsibility of the Departmental Examinations Officer to ensure that the final mark recorded for each assessment is an accurate sum of the marks for all the elements of that assessment. Appeals must be submitted within days of the publication of the results appealed against; where you think you have grounds for appeal against a result you must appeal as soon as you receive your transcript. Finalist classifications will be calculated by the Assessments Manager and confirmed in liaison with the Chair of the Board of Examiners.

A moderator may not change an individual mark: Depending on the final date of submission, Taught Masters degrees shall be awarded on one of the following dates: Completed scripts will be held by the Assessments Team to be collected by Departments for marking at the earliest possible time. Clinical Psychology 1 year full time MSc. The following constitute a non-valid attempt: Click here for information about progression and condoned failures.

Department of Psychology

Represents the overall achievement of the appropriate learning outcomes to a threshold level honours. Where an assessment is coureework blind marked and significant differences in the marks awarded emerge between examiners, markers should not merely average the two marks.

Newly published research by Royal Holloway’s Department of Psychology shows how people make decisions in zero gravity. Represents the overall achievement of the appropriate learning outcomes to an outstanding level.


rhul psychology coursework deadlines

Non-valid attempts are failed modules and must be re-taken as directed by the Board of Examiners. Let us know so we can improve the page.

Students are responsible for submitting assessed coursework, portfolios, dissertations, etc.

If a work has to be transcribed the student will dictate the completed work to an amanuensis under supervision. Students are required to use all permitted attempts to retrieve cousrework modules All Students are pxychology three attempts at an assessment ie the first attempt and two re-sits in courzework event of failure ; The format of the assessment for re-entries should be in the same format as the original assessment.

Some postgraduate programmes have a proceed to dissertation rule within their programme specifications which would not allow a stduent to take their dissertation if they have not passed all other modules. The final overall average of the degree classification will be calculated using integers. The same material may not for instance, be repeated substantially in a formal written examination or in a dissertation if it has already formed part of an essay submitted for assessment.

rhul psychology coursework deadlines

Complete University Guide, Represents the overall achievement of the appropriate learning outcomes to a threshold level. To undertake intercollegiate study, the student should: The following constitute a non-valid attempt: As part of their programme of study, a student may attend and be assessed for a module maximum of 30 credits at one leveltaught at another School or Institute of the University of London, in the place of a module option at Goldsmiths.

Information for current students

The timetable and relevant information will be available on the website at least 2 weeks before the examinations start, students with assessment reasonable adjustments will be sent an individual timetable, detailing the date time and venue of their examinations.

News Find out about the latest news in our department. Students permitted to defer assessment or to re-enter in late summer, will be informed by the Assessments Manager.


Departments should contact the Assessments Manager as soon as possible to discuss arrangements. Where a student is absent from a written paper or fails to submit any work rhjl assessment, unless there are extenuating circumstances, an absent should be recorded.

3. Assessment Processes

It is the responsibility of Departments: You must submit the necessary deadlinds with your appeal form. A submission that does not even attempt to address the specified learning outcomes shall be deemed a non valid attempt and module must be re-sat.

rhul psychology coursework deadlines

See paragraph regarding compensation of failed modules and appendix 5 for criteria to be met to allow compensation. Specific Grading Criteria Marking Criteria.

Where coursework forms part of the formal assessment of a programme of study, this shall be clearly stated in the Departmental Handbook. Coursework will be submitted by students to the appropriate department on the date supplied by the department.

3. Assessment Processes | Goldsmiths, University of London

The Board of Examiners are responsible for the approval of the content of written examination papers. If an overseas student fails a written paper and is not in attendance for retakes, it may be possible to arrange for the re-sit to take place abroad in the May examination period only, normally under the aegis of the British Council, all costs incurred must be met by the student. Applied Social Psychology 1 year full time MSc. The costs incurred for an amanuensis shall be charged to the student.

Click here for Undergraduate Regulations The mark awarded shall be capped at the pass deadines for the assignment.