Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. This is the largest ever expansion project of Ufone A strong focus will be on maintaining high quality of service, which is always a benchmark of Ufone, The distribution of PTCL is quiet simple because the aim of the company is to make every activity more easy for their valued customers. They are totally independent in providing telephones connections, their look after and generation of revenue there from. It is open crystals that both are market leaders and have effective advertising strategy; mostly customers come after seeing company ads. And we would like to acknowledge all our work to our parents and friends who guided to accomplish this never forgetting task. The absence of the dividends payable portion of current liabilities in FY05 and its coming back online in FY06was an important contributor to the trend. The industrial average of return on asset is 3.

Variables return The study takes one independent variable is financial leverage and two dependent variables. A brief account of the growth after deregulation in telecom sector is given below. Total debt to asset ratio or debt ratio 10 1. PTCL and its subsidiary, Ufone are ready to grab this opportunity by providing communication infrastructure that integrates banking, telecom operators, consumers and agents in a cohesive network with the goal of providing uniform banking services across the spectrum. For study purpose this study is going to conduct for getting knowledge how what people think when they see the company ads, what are their perception towards particular company ads. In year the value of equity was the lowest Segmentation can be done on four types i.

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And this data adopted as a secondary data of Transport and Reserach Industry and Cotton Textiles companies. Summary 32 2. This is a time of growing challenges. EVO was launched which made the company the first 3G Wireless broadband service provider in Pakistan.

Profit Before and After Tax 19 1. The year in the telecom sector witnessed a phenomenal growth in the mobile phone sector in Pakistan, which doubled its subscriber base to 60 million.


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This metric compares two balance sheet entries, total liabilities i. This is much lower than the pre-ICH levels [of 1. Dividends and Appropriations 18 1. Similarly, all the processes involved in prooposal and operation of newly-introduced application of Customer Relationship Management CRM to further facilitate the provisioning and fault rectification in an efficient manner were thoroughly reviewed to comply with respective standards before its launch.

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Whether it is an office in the largest city of Pakistan or a home in a small village, we are present in every corner of Pakistan to rresearch our customers. Mean while, a look at the financial statements of parent companies of cellular companies for 9MCY13 indicates their growth has slowed down.

The project MCM, the development phases are. This strategy was highly successful to restrain fixed-to-mobile substitution and maintain organic growth. Revenues jumped by an impressive We offer help to regular students as well as on the job employees who are enrolled in MBA at Virtual University of Pakistan. However, the revenue-sharing mechanism under ICH rules has also upset some telecom companies. The research was conducted to find out the Relationship between financial leverage and financial performance.

PTCL is the largest and solely line based communication system in Pakistan. With Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Ordinance government open the way for private competition and start awarding licenses for cellular phone and card operated pay phones.

Given that PTCL already owns Ufone — which has the third highest market share — it would pass Mobilink as the largest cellular company. Ghulam Shabir Shaikh who checked work on short term notice and appreciate thesis work by both of persons also a lot of detailed and valuable comments on this thesis work. And also how much company generate profit within one year. The objective of these visits is to provide general OPD facilities and medical assistance not only to PTCL employees and their families but also to the local communities at large.


research proposal on ufone

The department was being run by the government and played multiple roles as regulator, policy maker, operator and service provider in the country. But a very important question rises here that how proposa, fund will be generated.

The company maintains a leading position in Pakistan as an infrastructure provider to other telecom operators and corporate customers of the country. Journal of Financial Economics, 40, A limited time offer for 1MB subscribers to upgrade to 2MB speed at same rate was successful as many such subscribers continued with 2mB package after the expiry of the promotion.

This study investigated the relationship between financial leverage and profitability of the firms belongs to cement manufacturing sector of Pakistan.

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Your attention is drawn to note A general concept exists that financial leverage has significant impact on the propoaal performance of the companies. Pakistan is one of the fastest developing markets for branchless banking in the world.

A blood donation campaign in collaboration with Pakistan Red Crescent Society and jamila Sultana Foundation affiliated with Thalassemia International Federation was also conducted to support thalassemia patients.

Concept of financial leverage in Pakistan 12 1. The top officers consistently kept hiding the true financial facts and figures bearing losses and researcj reports kept displaying healthy financial results andprofitability, which strengthened the trust of shareholde rs and partners tokeep investing besides helping the share price to grow further in the stock market.

Revision in the Pakistan-Plus Package offered free nWd minutes and conference call facility at a nominal fixed monthly charge.