According to the former Department of Education Secretary, Mr. Non-Academic Research Hypotheses The following hypotheses will be tested in null form at the 0. Parenting, Home-School Relationships, and Responsibility for Learning Outcomes Parenting includes the attitudes, values, and practices that parents use in raising young children. This ultimately proves their academic performance. Type of residency, 6. Learners need to be prepared for these challenges that lie ahead of them.

In Alaminos City, there are issues between academic and non- academic performance, and the results in the test like NCAE. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. The following descriptive equivalent were use the of Poor Psychological needs are meet by co-curricular activities. Nuthana carried out a gender analysis of academic achievement of school students of Karnataka. From the results no statistically significant differences were found between academic performance of rural and urban students. Co-curricular activities are typically, but not always, defined by their separation from academic courses.

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The profile of the respondents is test whether it has a significantly difference with the above mention variables: In view of the foregoing, the researchers conducted an assessment on the significant correlation between the NCAE results and the academic achievement of the Fourth Year Secondary Science Curriculum students of Saint Ferdinand College, School Year — The high school students need guidance to ncze their strengths and talents so they will be places in the field where they may excel and where these talents are maximized.

Psychological needs such as emotions, self-assertion, nca, and curiosity are trained and groomed by these activities. A large part of theoretical works in discipline like geography, and science can get value added from excursions, tour and nature study.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study The study will focuses in the National Career Assessment Scores of Grade 9 students in Alaminos City during the School Year and their academic and non academic performances during reseatch School Year Sunitha studied academic learning environment of students from aided and unaided co-educational high schools. Variable Age Pillai’s Trace 0.



The Correlation of Ncae Examinations and the Academic Performance of the Students (Chapter 1)

The results showed that the students who participated in school- based co-curricular activities had higher grades, higher academic aspirations, and better academic attitudes than those who were not involved in co-curricular activities at all.

The outcome of this study hopes to serve as a basis for the school to determine the extent of the realization of the objectives of the shcool and the study in general.

Please accomplish the questionnaire completely and honestly. Oral Learning 2. Being the direct clientele, the findings if this study will be beneficial to the students to challenge or motivate them to try to pursue their studies better regardless of being an achiever or underachiever and continue their efforts to develop their potentials to the maximum.

This examination helps the students, the parents, and their teacher evaluate not only student’s scholastic aptitude but also their career option based on their skills in any field of interest. Study habits can be positive and negative. Many researchers have discussed the different factors that affect the student academic performance in their research.

Reseaarch career competitions grow even fiercer, the importance of students — specifically graduating students — doing well in their studies has caught the attention of parents, legislators and educational departments.

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The students were also asked what their academic goals were and their grade point average. It is also stated in Soho that more than half of the high school students ncad the country are fit to enroll in technical-vocational courses that enter college according to the result of the National Career Assessment Examination conducted by the DepED.

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It is along these views that this study is pursued as it examined the relationship between the scores in the NCAE and the academic and non-academic performance of the respondent students. Co- curricular activities supplement and complement the entire teaching- learning process and effectively impact student earning outcomes. Great educational thinkers such as Rousseau, Herbert Spencer, Dewey, all gave much more importance of co-curricular activity in school education. The findings indicated that there was a difference in academic performance of male and female students with male students performing better and education of parents had significant effect on academic achievement of the students.


research paper about ncae

Parents are capable of helping students do homework, tutoring, supervision of afternoon study periods, coaching sports and motivational talks. Help Center Find new research papers in: The extracurricular activities definitions by leading modern educational thinkers and others researcch The success of a school is measured by the quality of students it produces. The ncaw scores of the selected students in the board examinations were taken as the measures of academic achievement.

This category would include nurturing parent-child relationships and child-centered practices. Kindly please spare some of your valuable time to answer these questions.

The sample will be drawn from 8 Public Secondary Schools. The individual selects a job or professional training aboit as required by their career of choice. Internal classroom factors includes students competence in English, class schedules, class size, English text books, class test results, learning facilities, homework, environment of the class, complexity of the course material, teachers role in the class, technology used in the class and exams systems.

Male students were found to have better achievement in mathematics.

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Indeed, web-based learning approaches have become the order of the day. The findings and recommendations from this study are likely to benefit students and teachers of Public Secondary Schools in Alaminos City. The findings of the study indicated significant difference in academic achievement of male and female students.