Also in this section Pakistan: The committee set up by the government to go into this matter did not find any factual error, yet recommended revision on the ground of Marxist methodological bias. Akashi Guria added it Oct 13, He was called “Indo-Anglian harbingers Ramanujan was an Indian poet, scholar and author, a philologist, folklorist, translator, poet and playwright. Ramanujan, a scholar so formidable that he was, for several years after his premature death in , considered irreplaceable by his department at the University of Chicago he was replaced many years later by D.

In a way, yes. Text of statement by academics and concerned citizens against the assault on Prof Sanjay Kumar, in Motihari Champaran, Bihar. I do not know who the expert is. What is very disturbing in this whole story is that you have an Academic Council in one of the leading universities in this country, which debates the issue for over two hours and the vote is 90 against Ramanujan and 10 for. He publishes the essay, alongside many others which argue the same view — oddly, these other essays are not deemed offensive merely because Delhi University happens not to prescribe them — with the University of California Press, from which the Oxford University Press in India buys rights of republication for South Asia. Indian Textbooks and Curricula Controversies Humanities: The case for mounting a defence of Dembowski and Laine earlier, and Ramanujan now, is not just very strong, it is absolutely required.

The richness of the Ramayana, the poverty of a University

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: Two developments since then have made it contentious. Ramanujan, a scholar so formidable that he was, for several years after his premature death inconsidered irreplaceable by his department at the University of Chicago ramayanaas was replaced many years later by D.

Ramanujan’s celebrated essay on the Ramayana, Three Hundred Ramayanas: Open Preview See a Problem?

ramanujans essay three hundred ramayanas

Three out of the four members of the committee stated that the essay ought to be read by students. I find it ironic that you have this incident taking place in Delhi the same week as the Minister of HRD is sitting in the United States trying to persuade the top universities to set up campuses in India. Origin and Development Hindi. The beauty of Israel ramnujans slain upon thy high places: Five Examples and Three Thoughts There’s a political element that a says this is what my party doesn’t object to, and would quite like my ramayansa it, or b that this is really not my concern, it’s a political issue, let hundref Academic Council take a decision, which is why I gather there were quite a few abstentions as well, or c don’t take a positive role in this because tomorrow, you may be in the dock and no one will support you.


I do not think that ramayanqs incidents in Delhi and Kerala are matters related to freedom of expression. The intolerance begins there. A classical kind of context-sensitive theme is also found in his cultural ramqyanas especially in his writings about Indian folklore and classic poetry.

Romila Thaparthe foremost authority on early Indian history, spoke to Priscilla Jebaraj about the decision, its adverse consequences for scholarship and knowledge, and the efforts by vested interests to project one version of Hindu cultural heritage and religious tradition over all others.

ramanujans essay three hundred ramayanas

Their notion from hearsay of what ramanujana Valmiki Ramayana perhaps expresses. Author starts by efforts to de-orientalize readers, by differentiating ‘katha’ and ‘kavya’, using ‘story’ and ‘discourse’, ‘sentence’ and ‘speech act’, and finally explains the subtle yet important differences between RamaKatha Story of Ram and Ramayana.

The moment somebody sets out to write a new version of the story, however dependent that person is may be on a particular version, there will be additions as indeed there were even to the original Ramayana.

The issue ended up in the Supreme Court which wanted the opinion of an academic expert ramayana. This action of the Academic Council attracted a lot of attention and several people viewed this as an act of unwarranted censorship. It only tries to highlight important versions as they exist and practised in different cultural settings.


The author is Editor and Publisher, Permanent Black. He should be free to give whatever interpretation he wants to impart to it.

Ramanujan’s Three Hundred Ramayanas: Transmission, Interpretation And () – Mainstream Weekly

The number of offended Indians is legion, and growing by the day, ramayanqs many of these bleeding-heart illiberals can reach an arrangement with a sub-judge on the need for self-publicizing litigation against any publisher whose size suggests a generous settlement out of court. In a way, yes.

Hindutva and Hindu Nationalism. What people don’t recognise is that the story of Ram, what we call the Ram Katha, extends over a huge historical period. He published works on both classical and modern variants of these literature and also argued strongly for giving local, non-standard dialects their due. Three experts categorically said that under no circumstances should it be withdrawn. Public Sphere, Citizenship and Technologies of The scholarly essay by A.

These are obvious counter narratives—the main story and characters remain the same.

Ramanujan’s Three Hundred Ramayanas: Transmission, Interpretation And Dialogue In Indian Traditions

Nov 12, Shayantani Das rated it really liked it. Legally, a publisher in India who has offended a fellow Indian by republishing the views of Darwin and Einstein can find himself being asked to appear in a mofussil court in Kargil ramayaans Kanyakumari.

This is a really very creative essay. The decision of the majority of eminent members of the academic council to support a patently unacademic demand about an essay which most of them ramznujans had not read and an expert committee appointed by the Council had near unanimously approved, can only be due to the atmosphere of political intimidation.