Using government properties in any form for personal is not proper. This was a good reminder and guide for us in the public service. It could be argued that the perception of a fall in public standards is linked to the shifting role of the state, which is undergoing tremendous reform. Accessed May 22, In addition, I will tell her alsothat it is my responsibility to serve him since I am a public servant.

Although there are many other factors that play a key role, a company must have effective employees in order to stay financially solvent and competitive. This whistleblowing occurs in both private and government organizations. On the other hand, if that elected politician is anadvocate or is an authority on that matter, for example in this case, the environment, it is right toreport the anomalies to them because they were the ones who can really take an action. Whether or not the test is passed with success is a matter yet to be seen. Whistle-blowing is never an easy decision for any employee.

Either way, everyone wins. Thousands or even millions of pesos were stolenfrom the national funds of corrupt government officials and employees. If we will all be committed and dedicated to imbibe in our lives these norms, there will be good relationships between the people and government officials and employees.

It requires us to decide what is good. Proceeding from this, departments and agencies of the executivebranch have set up and implemented various programs that aim to eliminate bureaucratic red tape.

I was given an opportunity to express my ideas and opinions regarding the situations. When that training is carried to the next level and becomes overall development, employees tend to feel even more valued by their employers. The budget is directly released to these institutions and the heads are authorized to realign savings from their budget.


By Margarita Teresa Casia. In our effort to give the people the best government that there is, we have to have everybody do his job, including the Clerk, the policeman — everybody in the service.

This presupposes the payment of license to operate, as a regulatory fee, in theexercise of police power of the Local Government Unit concerned. And so that she will not do it again to other employees Case Study 9If I happen a chance upon a government service vehicle parked in a place wher I least expect agovernment official may transact business with, the firt thing that I will do is to think thatmaybe the government official using the government vehicle just drop by from an officialbusiness transaction near that place.

I believe he is aware of these things. Taking home supplies on our government offices is a simple form of dishonesty.

In addition, I will tell her alsothat it is my responsibility to serve him since I am a public servant. The Gallup study shows a clear link between training and job satisfaction.

I blame the capitalistic system because it exploits the poor.

ra 6713 essay

Ta Ethics — the ethics of earlier generations that is based on tradition. I would say that the insights I have drawn from this will be used and applied for better public service.

SinceI am aware that government vehicle should be used for official business transactions only andnot for personal business of course I have to inform the proper authorities of it so that thiswrong act of government officials will be stopped.

Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards (R.A. ) by Dionne Larin on Prezi

I will tell her that I know that she is just happy and satisfied of myperformance but despite that it is improper to give money to me. Section 1 of Article XI states that: I will just explain to him that like him I am just rs my job. People from all walks of life shall be treated equally. The same goes on with different organizations.


As an employee, it is hisresponsibility to report to office on time.

Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards Essay

Ethics is gaining prominence in the discourse about governance today. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. With media attention, it will also gainattention to the populace which pressures the authorities concerned to take an action. It entails the use of public power for private advantage in ways which transgresses some formal rule of law. In our legal system, graft and corruption is 66713 a crime. And along with thisdevelopment comes the growth of the number of people in certain improved and esssy.

How about receiving a customized one? Either its primary purpose is to benefit the company and it is a side bonus that individuals get something out of it, or its primary purpose is to benefit individuals and it is a side bonus that the company gains from it.

ra 6713 essay

However, after the Vietnam War, it was revised on the military philosophy that commands must be reviewed first beforeimplementing into action. Globalization, technological advances, spreading democratization and fiscal crises are challenging states to deal with strong external forces, be smart in serving its citizenry, devolve power, and divest itself of obsolete activities. These Rules shall be interpreted in the light esday the Declaration of Policy found in Section 2 of the Code:.