The software controls a charge-coupled device CCD camera to perform reflectance and fluorescence imaging, which serves to navigate the endoscope to the fallopian tubes and surveil suspicious tissue regions. These 54 journals published 29, articles of the 62, Although it would have been easier and less complex to analyze MeSH terms without considering their position in the MeSH tree located or not beneath eye diseases , we showed that separate analysis was more informative than not considering the position. Contribution of Arab researchers to ophthalmology: Three theses were submitted to the University in , and one in If you or someone you know wrote an OCT thesis and would like to share it with the community please submit a link or PDF using the “Contact OCT News” tab in the main menu bar or the feedback link in the footer and we will include it here:

Collnet Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management. Second, we describe the implementation of our simulator of finite-beam OCT as a Significance testing, using the Chi 2 test and Fisher’s exact test, was used to compare publication rates based on hierarchy, department, year, study design, and statistically significant difference between groups; Student’s t -test was used to determine differences in publication rates based on number of co-supervisors. The thesis is an integral part of postgraduate medical education in India. When the country was absent in the address, it was determined from the city or email address using an Internet search engine if necessary.

Researchers have suggested that the real value of scientific work lies in its publication in indexed literature. Note that using the 5-Y IF is more qualitative, but does not reflect thesjs citations of articles. An observational study of the proceedings of the All India Ophthalmological Conference, and subsequent publication in indexed journals.


Trends and topics in eye disease research in PubMed from 2010 to 2014

Our study proposes a quantitative evaluation, i. Woods D, Trewheellar K. Journal List Indian J Ophthalmol v.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

Twenty most frequent check tags retrieved in the study. Show downloadable dissertations only. Even though this is common knowledge, very little is being done to encourage postgraduates to publish.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

Teaching research methodology in medical schools: Do presenters to pediatric meetings get their work published? To our knowledge, there are no similar studies examining worldwide research related to ophthalmology, and such an analysis of articles related to eye diseases has never been done.

Masters theses from a university medical college: Publication in indexed scientific journals

The purpose of this study is to provide a report on scientific production during the topixs — in order to identify the major topics as well as the predominant actors journals, countries, continents involved in the field of eye disease.

Papers were published The primary purpose of the Masters thesis is to educate the candidate in scientific methods and to develop a scientific temper. Methods Graph-theoretical methods have First authorship issues may pose a dilemma when research work involves a postgraduate student and one or more faculty members.

As shown in Table htesisthe qualitative evaluation with the m5-Y IF by continents led to tjesis new ranking compared with the absolute production total number of publications: The percentage of papers published in English in the entire PubMed database between and was also calculated using the following search strategy: There has been keen interest to apply deep learning in the medical domain, particularly specialties that heavily utilize imaging, such as dermatology, pathology, radiology, and ophthalmology.


The year was chosen to allow at least two years for the later theses to reach publication.

When analyzing countries, the United States was the most absolute productive country for total number of publications Table 5A. In this report, we focus on how a textured surface with pillars responds to a laminar flow inside a confined channel. PubMed was chosen because it is the most widely used in medicine Falagas et al.

Rev Assoc Med Bras. OCT can be a useful clinical tool for minimally-invasive, high-resolution imaging of tissue structures and morphology.

A case study of an academic paper. Seifollah Azadi ; Lunds universitet. Content on the diagnosis, treatment and delivery of services for diabetic retinopathy eye disease.

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Data Deposition The following information was tesis regarding data availability:. Received Feb gopics Accepted Apr 7. This category includes 58 journals. We calculated that the average growth rate of literature related to eye diseases was 4. After adjustment for population size Table 5Bthe United States was downgraded to 9 th place, and China disappeared from the top 20 countries. Twenty most frequent check tags retrieved in the study Click here for additional data file.