It is made up of a thermoplastic elastomer SEBS – styrene ethylene butadiene styrene with a soft durometer hardness , which has a gel-like feel. Related articles Airway sealing pressure I-gel laryngeal mask airway-Proseal supraglottic airway device. The mean intra-cuff pressure of the PLMA increased to Patients were questioned after regaining full consciousness and again after 24 hours to assess pharyngolaryngeal morbidity sore throat, dysphagia, and dysphonia. J Clin Monit Comput ; After removal of the I-gel a short coughing episode and a transient moderate sore throat was reported. At the end of the surgical procedure anesthesia was discontinued, neuromuscular blockade was reversed with neostigmine 0.

Tidal volume loss was detected by inspiratory set – expiratory outcome volume on the ventilator display screen. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Proseal LMA compared to endotracheal tube during laparoscopic procedures based on the Haemodynamic Changes, Ventilatory Parameters and Gastric Distension. LMA North America; None, Conflict of Interest: The mean leak fraction observed in the BM group of our study They were given aspiration prophylaxis with Inj-Ranitidine 50mg I.

proseal lma thesis

The BM sealing pressure recorded in this study is in agreement to that noted by other workers. None of the patients had dysphonia or any other complications in either of the groups.

Our finding demonstrates that there is no relationship between cuff pressure and laryngo-pharyngeal complaints. The leak fraction thesiss from 5. A new single use supraglottic airway device with a non-inflatable cuff and an esophageal vent: Mean sealing pressure was significantly higher in the BM group Impact of laryngeal mask cuff pressures on the incidence of sore throat.


This enabled us to analyze the performance parameters of the two devices with greater authority.

Comparison of Proseal Laryngeal Mask Airway Vs Endotracheal Tube for Laparoscopic Surgery

Although, the sample size of the present study is relatively small, it clearly elucidates that the I-gel appears to be efficacious in insertion characteristics. So Proseal LMA is an effective alternative to endotracheal tube in patients where the haemodynamic stability is much desirable during laparoscopic surgeries. Anaesth Intensive Care ; Reducing the incidence of sore throat with larnygeal mask airway.

Prosela were given alprazolam 0.

Comparison of clinical performance of the I-gel with LMA proseal

There were no incidences of bronchospasm, laryngospasm, aspiration, regurgitation, and hoarseness in both the groups. Demographic data Click here to view. It is made up of a thermoplastic elastomer SEBS – styrene thesid butadiene styrene with a soft durometer hardnesswhich has a gel-like feel.

BM takes significantly shorter placement time and provides a better seal as compared to PLM. Br J Anaesth ; Regurgitation of gastric contents ;roseal also assessed. Comparison of changes in mean EtCO2 between two groups Click here to view.

proseal lma thesis

Both of the groups were comparable with respect to sex distribution, SAD size used and the duration of anesthesia. Both groups were compared with respect to ease of insertion, insertion attempts, fiberoptic prosal, airway sealing pressure, ease of gastric tube placement, and other complications.


Br J Anaesth ; Saudi J Anaesth ;4: The mean intra-cuff pressure of the PLMA increased to Insertion time was recorded by an independent observer and defined as time interval between picking up the device and securing an effective airway.

proseal lma thesis

Changes in hardness and resilience of i-gelTM prosral with temperature: No episode of hypercapnia or desaturation was observed. Both PLM and BM are essentially dual channel supralaryngeal airway devices with the provision for separation of airway from gastric tract. To conclude, I-gel is comparable to the PLMA in securing a patent airway during controlled ventilation.

Table 1 Insertion of device score. Airway sealing pressure, I-gel, laryngeal mask airway-Proseal, supraglottic airway device. Brimacombe J, Keller C. Initial anatomic investigations of the I-gel airway: Complications were compared using Fisher exac t test. The shape, softness and contour accurately mirror the perilaryngeal anatomy to create the perfect fit, so that compression and displacement trauma are significantly reduced and has cheaper manufacturing costs due proseql the simplicity of design.